Pizza with the President

By Jeramey Reamer

Hot slices of pizza were served as FRCC’s President Andy Dorsey addressed the concerns of the Westminster campus.  This was a unique opportunity for students to share their voice with their college’s leadership.

A wide range of topics were discussed at the event, billed as “Pizza with the President.”  Issues relating to baseball teams and the upcoming HOWL release were exchanged in an open-style forum.  There were no questions that were off-limits, and areas that needed improvement were brought to light.


Pizza with Prez

FRCC President Andy Dorsey, Photo by Jeramey Reamer


During this hour-long event, a long-standing rumor was put to rest.  In the past, students have voiced concerns over the recycling program.  Noticing that the bins were always getting mixed-up led to the rumor that Front Range does not actually recycle, but that it sorts all of its waste into the garbage.  This is not true. Dorsey assured the room that FRCC has gone through all the steps to ensure the effectiveness of its recycling program. This also serves as even more motivation to sort your recycling correctly!

“Student input has impacted many of the decisions we have made,” said Dorsey. “These forums are part of the many different steps we take to best respond to students.”

One student mentioned how his online classes were confusing.  He expressed his frustration with reading textbooks, then logging into message forums.  Conflicts with the syllabus as well as credit hour concerns made this student feel lost and overwhelmed.  After voicing his frustration, an important exchange of ideas was shared between the student and Dorsey. Hearing directly from the source of a concern, Dorsey was able to respond with insights that led to resolutions.

In addition to getting to the root of campus problems, both students and staff thanked President Dorsey for his community building.  They admired how interactive Dorsey was with the campus, as well as creating a family among the college. Having been a part of the Front Range since 1993, Dorsey is well experienced in team building.

Dorsey also reassured students that they will always have ways to express themselves.  One group of young thespians described their ambitions to have an improv club. Theatre rehearsals and public performances were at the heart of these students’ motivations.  The President responded with enthusiasm for their ideas and gave them advice on choosing a faculty mentor that can help their theater club flourish.

Following the event, two students, Camille Green and Mikaela Milhaupt, teamed up to organize FRCC’s new Theater Club.  Even though they have only been a club for a short amount of time, they have already attracted over 25 students to this emerging organization.

“I’ve been acting since I was four, and have been in approximately 30 shows in high school and community theater,” said Green.  “We didn’t know we had the ability to start the club at first, but once we did we started as soon as we could.”

In the upcoming semesters, the Theater Club has already been approved to put on a full show.  This will mean auditions and rehearsals, resulting in a fully student-directed event.

“I have experience as a stage hand and management, as well as directing,” said Milhaupt.  “Currently, we are working on getting a larger space for our club meetings too.”

All students who are interested in the performing arts are encouraged to join the Theater Club, which will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.  (Check summer schedule for the most accurate meeting times and locations over the break.)

Pizza with the President was an effective way to get students in touch with those who are working behind the scenes to make our campus thrive.  By eating pizza and discussing important matters with President Dorsey, all are working together to ensure student success.

Looking to the future, Dorsey assures students they will always have an outlet to express their concerns.

“We will definitely be doing more student outreach events next year,” said Dorsey.  

Be sure to stay in touch with the Front Page for more student engagement activities.

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