Graphic Design Veteran Janine Musser

Written by Anthony Arellano

Janine Musser has been through it all, from snagging a jewelry design job straight out of high school to working at an international ad agency.

Musser is a multimedia professor here at Front Range Community College. The courses taught by her are printing, graphic design, typography and intro to production.

Musser thrives on creativity. She wanted to be an artist since she was in high school.

“When I was in high school, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew had to be an artist” said Musser. “I had to find some way to be an artist.”

janine musser

This passion for art grew from her art teachers at her high school.

“I had amazing art teachers at the time,” said Musser. “They were encouraging, and they themselves were fantastic artists.”

“When you don’t allow creativity it limits a student’s capacity to grow and learn” said Wolf. “When you let a student be creative, they become a much more grounded person because they can explore that side of themselves,” said FRCC student Danielle Wolf.



Photo by Massiel Orduna; Featured: Janine Musser, Multimedia Professor at Front Range Community College, Westminster Campus

Straight out of high school, Musser got a job as a jewelry illustrator, which she credited to her passion.

“They saw how passionate and determined I was,” said Musser. “I was a go-getter.”

She went to work multiple more artistic jobs, including being an assistant art director at Integer Group, an international ad agency.

As Musser was working as a freelance graphic designer, she applied for a part-time teaching position. She ended up getting hired full time and became the supervisor of the graphic design department.

As far as teaching goes, Musser finds it incredibly fulfilling.

“I am constantly amazed at students’ abilities to learn and grow,” said Musser. “I love seeing the passion in the students.”

Musser gave some words of advice for anybody interested in getting into graphic design or teaching.

“Be determined and be enthusiastic about your work,” said Musser. “When it comes to being a designer, don’t settle into your style so quick, grow as a designer, and then find your style. Internships are so important; make sure to be on the lookout for those. Join creative groups like AIGA; they are great for networking.”


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