Costume Ideas 2016

Written By: Quill Skidmore

Photos By: Quill Skidmore and Alexander Mueller

Fall seems to have just begun and Halloween is on our doorstep! This year’s coolest costumes are available online and at the Halloween stores that seem to just pop up this time of year. According to my research and expertise in the land of cosplay and costume, I will tell you this year’s coolest costumes.

Top Three Costumes For women:

Quill Skidmore donning a Broken Doll costume

#1 Comic book women.

DC or Marvel you are sure to draw eyes and look like a powerful woman this Halloween.

#2 Disney Ladies

All the Disney ladies, good and evil are a good choice for this year. Let your inner princess or villain out this Halloween.

#3 Dolls.

May it be a broken doll, a voodoo doll, a Marionette, or a rag doll, creepy and crazy dolls are all the rage this year.

Top Three Costumes for Men:

#1 Comic Book Men

Alexander Mueller posing in a Deadpool costume.

Both DC and Marvel characters both good and bad are going to super popular this year.

#2 Joke Costumes

Dress up as a hot dog or as a pun this Halloween and you are sure to get some laughs out of your friends this year.

#3 Video Game Costumes

Dress up as your favorite video game character and get ready to start the game! You will not go unnoticed this holiday.

Family Themes:

Trick or treating with the whole family? Here are some great family costumes that will make the whole family happy!

#1 Star Wars

Dressing as Star Wars characters are a classic go to and ever popular with the new Star Wars movies coming out.  The loveable characters provide options for a bunch of costumes the whole family can enjoy.

#2 Super Hero Teams

Whether it be the Justice League, the Avengers, or another group of fantastic heroes.  The whole family will be fighting crime together this Halloween!

#3 Minions

The little yellow creatures from Despicable Me continue to be seen everywhere we go! So why not have the whole family in yellow outfits!

Kids Costumes:

Looking for a costume idea for the kiddos? Here are what’s most popular this year.

Neil Patrick Harris’ family Halloween costume, 2015. Photo courtesy of instagram.

#1 Disney Characters

Disney Princesses or other characters will be a big hit this year. Try out Dory or Belle, Mickey or Goofy. All of them are sure to be great.

#2 Animals

Cats, dogs and many more!  Kids love to dress up as their favorite animal.  Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

#3 Career Costumes

Don’t wait for them to grow up to start their dream career.  They could be a doctor this Halloween, no medical school required!

Many of these costumes can be purchased from local costume and Halloween stores or from online retailers. Many costumes, including most of the ideas in this article can be made at home with a little ingenuity and help from thrift-stores and second-hand stores. Happy Trick-or-Treating!

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