Farewell to FRCC

IMG_5070A year and a half ago, when I applied to Front Range Community College, I had not idea that I would walk away from the institution with an Associate of Arts degree, a job as the editor of The Front Page and a lifetime of memories.

I remember attending orientation and registering for classes. My list of things to do kept growing, and I did not know how I could possibly accomplish it all. Not to mention, at the time, I thought that I wanted to attend law school. Since the beginning of high school, I had adopted the dreams that everyone else wanted for me: be a doctor or a lawyer, attend an Ivy League University. So, when I decided earn my Associate’s degree at a community college, my audience filled with confused faces.

In reality, I liked that FRCC provided quality education for an affordable price. As I began my studies, however, I grew accustomed to the small class sizes, interpersonal relationships and advancement opportunities. I fell in love with my English class, and decided to combine my love for writing with my love for fashion. After one semester at FRCC, I changed my desired career to that of a fashion journalist.

Not only did FRCC help me realize my dreams, but it also helped me achieve them. When I landed a job as a staff writer for The Front Page last June, I knew every minute brought me closer to grasping my dream career. As the editor, I acquired knowledge about journalism and working as a team. I am more prepared than ever to earn my Bachelor’s degree in journalism and further pursue my dreams.

It is with a determined mind and a heavy heart that I leave FRCC this semester. Within the next few years, I hope to see my name printed in a Condé Nast publication in New York City. While I am sad to leave the college that clarified my future, I am thankful for all of the wonderful staff and students that helped me along my journey.

I want to leave The Front Page’s dedicated readers with the most important lesson that FRCC taught me: nothing is insurmountable and dreams really can come true.

-Kayla Klein

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