Working for The Front Page Connects You to Campus

Are you a busy student looking for a flexible and fun job at Front Range Community College? If you’re looking for a great on-campus job, working for The Front Page newspaper is a wonderful opportunity to meet people on campus and earn money.

As a busy student, I have a complicated schedule and I needed a flexible job that worked with my class load while also strengthening my résumé. Being a staff writer for The Front Page allowed for all of these things.


A great aspect of being a writer for The Front Page is the ability to inform students about current events both on campus and abroad. Writing topics are either assigned by your editor, or you can choose a topic to write about. I’ve written on everything from sporting events and concerts to professor profiles and a week in the life of a busy student. The possibilities for topics are endless!

Working as a staff writer also allowed me to work remotely. The Front Page has a meeting once a week on campus to assign articles, but other than that, I have the ability to work wherever I am. With such a busy and changing schedule, being able to write from a variety of locations was a huge benefit.

All in all, writing for The Front Page is a truly special and fun job. The benefits are wide ranging: writing on almost any topic, getting paid by the word and working from wherever, whenever.

Looking for more information? Students interested in working as staff writers should email or apply directly here.

Written by Christopher Kemp

Photo from The Front Page FRCC

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