Summer Registration Tips

The end of the spring semester is creeping up on students at Front Range Community College. For many students, the end of spring marks temporary freedom from education, but for some students, summer is just another school semester. If you are a student of the latter, then these summer registration tips are perfect for you.

Summer registration opened on April 12, so students who are planning on taking classes during the summer should register as soon as possible, according to Erica Ingalls, Director of Academic Advising and Retention Services. “Summer time is very popular for the four-year school students [who] come to FRCC to take summer courses,” stated Ingalls. “For this reason, we see a high demand in summer classes, so the sooner that FRCC students can register the better.”

Furthermore, the summer term is only 10 weeks in length, in comparison to the fall and spring terms which are 15 weeks. “Students are expected to learn the same amount of material, but in one third less time,” said Ingalls. Consequently, students are often seen taking two or three classes instead of a full course load.

One important aspect to note when signing up for summer classes is the amount of available financial aid a student has. “The financial aid year runs fall, spring, and then summer, so it’s possible that students would not have enough aid to use towards summer courses.  It’s important to frequently visit with your academic advisor and financial aid advisor so you can be aware of these funky things,” said Ingalls.

Students interested in summer classes should communicate further with academic advising to ensure a successful semester.

Written by Jacob Hallberg

Infographic (below) from Carson-Dellosa Publishing

You lose a lot of knowledge over the summer. Keep your mind sharp and your skills in-check by registering for summer classes.

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