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The divide between student and school life maintains a steady gap of detachment. Students head to their classes and afterwards commence home, avoiding the communal aspect of schooling at Front Range Community College. However, social students enjoy staying at Front Range Community College, meeting new, captivating and like-minded individuals. Rasul Haras, President of the Muslim Student Association, tackles this communal divide directly.

Rasul Haras

Haras, who is the vice president of an overseas refuge recruitment organization, an attendee for his local youth group and a gateway to college student, aims to create conditions at Front Range Community College that promote healthy student interactions.

Overtime, ELS Muslim students can face specific struggles that relate to their education and social needs at Front Range Community College. The language barrier hinders relationships. Haras manages this issue by educating ELS students on proper English speaking. Haras plans on introducing educational English speeches at the Muslim Student Association’s weekly meetings.

These weekly meetings consist of a half hour motivational and religious speech. This environment promotes bonding, as members of the Muslim Student Association enjoy each other’s company around campus. Haras noted, “This type of environment makes them feel welcome.”

These meetings promote healthy group communication as well. Haras said, “I never gave a formal speech [before]…speaking in front of people helped me a lot.” Haras creates and arranges a thirty-minute speech each week. With attendance around 30 individuals, Haras must garner the attention of all 30 for the allotted meeting time. Though challenging, this task helps Haras develop necessary communication skills.

Students that feel a sense of belonging within their school often times perform academically better than their uninvolved counterparts. This organization bridges the communal divide and consequently, Muslim Student Association members perform better.

Students interesting in joining the Muslim Student Association can contact Haras at:

Written by Jacob Hallberg

Photo provided by P.J. Travin

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