FRCC’s Wiffle Ball Tournament

Wiffle ball began as a casual backyard activity, but over the years, has drifted its way into the abyss of sports in America. Although Wiffle ball remains casual, the popularity behind the sport has been on a steady increase since its invention in 1953.


The High Plain Fitness Center, at Front Range Community College-Westminster, decided to materialize this backyard activity into a small tournament. Students were encouraged to sign up online and drive across the street to Cotton Creek Park with their teams to participate in the event.

Although participation wasn’t as high as intended, the casual nature of the game allowed for a fun experience with fellow students and faculty.

At first glance the competitive aspect of the tournament was that of a casual game at a backyard barbecue, but as the game progressed students began to unite with their teams.

Although the mellow attitude expected from a game of this nature was apparent, players began to put forth the effort needed to win. A close game ended with a decisive move and each player respected one another and applauded the group’s camaraderie.

Wiffle ball, and similar events are great ways to bond the student and faculty population. Physical activities often boast friendly attitudes and acceptance among players. Players interested in events like these can stop by the High Plains Fitness Center for more information.

Written by Jacob Hallberg

Photo by Jacob Hallberg

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