Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Front Range Community College’s diverse student body gives root to an abundance of successful students. Phi Theta Kappa, an international honor society for two-year colleges, embraces diversity and compensates students for success.

Phi Theta Kappa was first created in 1918, 98 years ago. Over 134,000 students are inducted each year and three million members have experienced the program since 1918. It’s no surprise students are able to gain beneficial experience from this worldly program.

Phi Theta Kappa offers millions in scholarships towards prospective students. Over 90 million dollars in scholarship opportunities are available. Students transferring to specific four year universities are also given automatic grants.

The economic resources available through Phi Theta Kappa only break the ice. Students who join are given leadership, community service, and recreation opportunities.

According to Owin Orr, Alpha Mu Psi Student President at Front Range Community College Westminster, Phi Theta Kappa offers “nearly endless opportunities to be involved.”

Members of the Westminster Campus PTK branch at their Ice Cream Social event last month.

Students who are looking to enter a career have the ability to gain organization experience through Phi Theta Kappa. Employers seek people who can run meetings efficiently.

All in all, Phi Theta Kappa offers students financial breaks, a community of interesting people, and crucial experience for the workplace.

As Orr noted, “I get to work with people who are motivated and dedicated to bettering themselves for their community.”

Written by Jacob Hallberg

Photo provided by Owin Orr

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