FRCC Blood Drive: Students! The Red Cross Wants Your Blood

Front Range Community College’s Westminster campus hosted a blood drive on February 9th benefiting the Red Cross.

Students dropped by the Rocky Mountain Room and gave blood, saving lives in the process.


Even if you missed this recent opportunity, you can still help. The Red Cross encourages blood donors to schedule appointments, which gives them the ability to maintain blood supply. Donors are able to create their own schedule and donate on their own time. This is especially handy for the many students who are juggling work and studies.

If one small donation isn’t your style, individuals are able to organize a blood drive via the Red Cross. Starting a blood drive enables many donations at once and can even be a fun and interesting way to meet new likeminded people.

The waiting period between blood donations is 56 days, so donors are constantly needed. If you have type O Negative blood, it’s even more imperative that you donate. Since only 6.6% of the population has O Negative blood, this rare transfusion gives injury victims a greater chance at life.

Students who are interested in donating blood can visit to learn more.

Written by Jacob Hallberg

Photo from Front Range Community College’s Blog

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