No Need to Transfer: FRCC Offering Third Bachelor’s Degree Program

Front Range Community College is doing something very few other community colleges do: offering four year degree programs. 

As of November 2023, Front Range has just launched its third Bachelor’s degree program: the Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Business for Creative Industries. 

This is a unique degree, as Front Range is the only college in the state to offer a degree like it. Geared towards liberal arts majors, this online degree aims to prepare creative industry students for the world of business marketing and management. 

Last week, each FRCC campus held a launch party for the new program, complete with catering, merchandise, and live music from students in the Music Recording programs. At the Larimer campus, the music, to showcase student talent, included improvisational jazz and covers, while students were encouraged to mingle about and learn more about resources for business owners offered by the Poudre River Public Library District. 

Music Recording Program students showcase their talents at the launch party.
Photo Credit: Cori Antinora

The President of Front Range Community College, Dr. Colleen Simpson, had a lot of good things to say about this new and exciting degree program. 

“When we go out there, and we hear from our employers looking to hire creative professionals, they often say to us that they want individuals that have a four-year degree. And so once again, FRCC is being responsive to the needs of our community and our industry partners,” said Dr. Simpson. 

The two previous Bachelor’s degree programs, the Geospatial Science degree (offered at Boulder Campus) and the Nursing degree (offered at Westminster, Larimer, and online) have been popular programs, and for good reason. 

The Nursing program boasted a 100% rate of passing for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) in 2022 from graduates of the Westminster campus. 

Additionally, the Geospatial Science degree claims an average salary of over $71k per year, with a 19.5% growth in employment from 2020-2023. Front Range has a great history behind their four-year degrees.

“What I love about what this Bachelor’s degree is going to do is, here at community colleges, is that we’ve got it right. We know how to support our students, we’ve got the best student services for them,” said Dr. Simpson. “And now we’re saying to them, ‘You don’t even have to leave us.’ You can stay right here where you get all the support, so that you can thrive and be successful and earn that Bachelor’s degree in a familiar setting,” the president added. “This new bachelors in business for creative industries will allow our students to gain the skills they need to land higher paying creative positions, or even start their own business.”

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