Academic Support Centers

The Academic Support Center is a free student resource that goes unused by most. It’s got everything a student needs to succeed, and yet it’s usually left untapped by those who need it most.

The center is divided into sections, so students can get targeted help in different subjects based on their needs. Math and Writing help can be found at all campuses, and the Larimer campus boasts a Science Center for students as well. All campuses also have computer labs for students.

Alyssa, a math tutor at the Larimer Campus, gives the scoop on what it’s like assisting students. When asked why she likes to help in the center, she said, 

“I like to help in the center because I get to connect with the students. I like being able to see the student’s progress, especially the ones that come in frequently.” After helping a student with their math homework, she said, “I love that I get to nerd out and there’s no judgment, and I get to get excited with others about math. I guess it’s the sense of community that I really like.”

The support centers are open most days classes occur, and the full schedule for each campus can be found on the FRCC website, 

Always staffed with people ready to help direct students to the right place, answer questions, and book one-on-one appointments, the centers are great places to go for help on anything from a quick math question to writing an outline for a paper. 

The Academic Support Centers are located in easy-to-find places around campus. 

At the Boulder location, the Success Center can be found in the Classroom Building, across the hall from the library and computer commons. 

At the Larimer location, check Mount Antero, Room 350. 

At Westminster, the library is home to the writing and math centers in separate rooms. 

The centers are a great resource to tap into for a little extra help, and some professors even give extra credit for seeking assistance. 

Swing by for better grades and greater peace of mind. 

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