Feature: The Pig and the Plow Bakery

Photo credit: The Pig and the Plow Farmstead Bakery

Making sourdough is a long three-day process, involving everything from letting the dough rise to its final baking. 

For most, this seems like too much, but not for Erica Glaze. For her, this is the best part of the job.

“I love seeing the fruits of my labor after making the sourdough, and seeing how much people love it really makes it all worth it.” Glaze says.

And it’s true. Glaze’s bakery, The Pig and the Plow, has quickly become a Northern Colorado favorite. Some say it’s the bread, others the pastries, but truly it’s the homey feel that draws customers in. Everything about the place is Erica’s handiwork, from the decorations to the baked goods sold each day.

Erica wasn’t always a baker. She was in the market for a career change when her friend decided to sell their bakery oven. And ever the opportunist, Erica made the decision to open her own bakery. She had always loved baking, it was her passion and her favorite hobby.

So she took the leap of faith and opened The Pig and the Plow. 

However, this was no easy feat, as there were many obstacles in her way. 

Erica says the biggest challenge was figuring out what to sell. There were so many options available to choose from, so she decided on a rotating menu. And now, that’s one of the best parts of her bakery. Each week features new recipes, including a sweet and a savory bread that make her customer’s mouths water. 

All the hard work of starting her business is done, however, and Erica can now focus on what she loves most: the actual baking.

“I get to the bakery around four or five every morning,” she says, “so I can shape the baguettes and focaccia bread, and prep the dough for the next day.” Then she handles the wholesale orders and bakes the pastries. “Making bread is meditative, it’s calming.”

Photo credit: The Pig and the Plow Farmstead Bakery

Thankfully she has a dedicated team to help her accomplish the day’s tasks, but if she can help it, Erica would rather be manning the ovens herself. Baking is truly Erica’s passion and drive, and “one of [her] favorite things to do”.

And her efforts have been well worth it. Between baking and selling pastries, giving snack suggestions, and engaging with the customers, the whole team stays busy and successful. The bread is fluffy and the pastries delightful. The menu is filled with so many delicious options; it’s impossible to make a wrong choice. 

As for next steps for Erica, she says sustainability is next on her roster.“I’d like the bakery to be completely sustainable in the near future,” Erica says. 

She’s close to this goal already. All her ingredients are already local and organic. Being environmentally friendly is very important to the whole team at The Pig and the Plow, who are dedicated to leaving nature better than they found it. Switching to recyclable and compostable packaging is next on Erica’s list. 

If you are in need of a quick pick-me-up, The Pig and the Plow is the perfect place to stop for a bite. The pastries will leave you satisfied and content, and the warm environment will ensure you leave in a good mood. 

You can find Erica and her booming business at 140 Boardwalk Dr, Unit J in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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