Greetings from your new Editor in Chief

My story starts in Marysville California where I was raised until my graduation. In a quick decision that only took 2 weeks. I was wicked off to live with my grandparents in Durango Colorado. It was in Durango that I did what every lost 20 year old does… I screwed around. Being a homeschooled child of a very religious family, I went out and enjoyed life, fell in and out of love, got into trouble, had some adventures.

This was when I found what was to become my calling in life, Video production. I found out that the local cable access television station (DCAT), was providing basic production skills to the public for a small membership fee. While at DCAT I took simple classes that outlined the bare-bones essentials of filmmaking. It started with a few live concerts, then moved on to weddings and then shorts. I was hooked. I started getting better, soon the station started to become my clubhouse. The actually paid workers started to involve me in station projects which I willingly volunteered for like the addict I was becoming. However, this was short-lived due to me being a late bloomer in life and still having some stuff to work out. Like a lot of dreams it got buried and shuffled around but I never quite forgot the thrill and fulfillment of creating.

In 2012 I decided to jump on an opportunity to move to the Denver area for a fresh start. With excitement, I jumped at what Denver has to offer, with this new burst of energy I revisited old passions, one of which was video production. I started slow and had a few missteps and false starts, however, my persistence led to my first solo project in the form of a music video, this then led to me earning a position on the Denver Comic Con Media team which I am currently a veteran cameraman of 7 years for. With a growing portfolio. This however has always taken a backseat to some kitchen job that I’m good at but ultimately hate. I have repeated patterns for far too long and wish to have a destiny that I know that I can achieve. So at forty years old, I have chosen to act out. Not by getting a motorcycle, or trying to be younger than I actually am. But To finally realize my dream… To uncover that masked vigilante Spider-Man!!!

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