Collectors of Cobwebs

Enjoy our first place winning story for our annual Halloween short story contest!

Written by Megan Cruz

Our elderly neighbors, Bill and Kay, jam-packed their property with junk. Dad called them collectors.

Collectors of cobwebs, maybe.

Halloween nights, they passed out expired cans of Pepsi instead of candy. So, most trick-or-treaters skipped the hoard.

Dad requested that I still drop by.

“They look forward to your visit.”

Ding Dong

Inside, Kay approached the rusty security door in a stained nightgown.


The door creaked open.

Slumped behind her, enveloped in dust and gnats, Bill rested in an antique recliner. A maggot tumbled from his ear.

She smiled. “How precious you look!”

They never got rid of anything.

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