Golden’s Hidden Gem

Written by Alan West

In what I can only describe as the most literal sense of “hole in the wall” restaurant, D’Deli is perhaps the embodiment of this old American phrase. Occupying a space no more than 20-feet wide on the busy street of Washington Avenue in Golden, D’Deli has been serving up some of the best sandwiches for nearly 50 years.  With a focus on locally grown ingredients and a (mostly) health focused menu, it’s easy to see why D’Deli has received multiple awards over the years, including being voted the best sandwich shop in Jefferson County for the last four years running. 

At a first glance it’s entirely possible to miss this sandwich shop, among the hustle and bustle of Golden’s historic Washington Avenue. When you first walk inside, you’re greeted with a rather unassuming interior. The worn wooden floors guide you along the same path as so many others before, up along the side of the wall and to the first of many menus. Nearly 50 different options are available, ranging from their Golden standard, “Golden Club” to more exotic creations such as the “Junker,” consisting of peanut butter, egg salad, and roast beef topped with sprouts. From cold cuts to sweet and hot, and even “none” sandwich options such as prime rib and buffalo, you can be sure to find something that piques your interest. 

One word of advice: make sure you bring your appetite before stopping by. With a choice between half and full sizes, you may find yourself hard pressed to finish the entire sandwich in one sitting. Don’t skip the napkins either, these sandwiches put others to shame in terms of size and mess. 

For everything that D’Deli gets right, there are some drawbacks. First, don’t be surprised if from storefront to register, you’re in a shoulder-to-shoulder line. Same goes for seating, if you can get a table, don’t expect much room for yourself or your food. Typically, a sandwich will run you between $10 to $20 a pop, which can be a little higher on the price scale then most. 


As you pick the sandwich up, you realize that the bread is rather soft and fluffy. If you’re like me and go with the Golden Club, your first bite is a mixture of flavor, as the slices of turkey and roast beef go hand in hand with the juicy bites of tomato. The lettuce is surprisingly crisp but doesn’t detract from the overall texture and taste of the sandwich. 

Overall, if you don’t mind a bit of a wait and slightly higher prices than Subway, you are rewarded with a solid example of what a deli sandwich should be. Just make sure you have enough time if you go during the lunch rush!



Overall Score: B+

Location: 1207 Washington Avenue, Golden, CO 80401

Contact Info:

Hours: 11:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M.

Food types: Deli sandwiches 

Average Price: $10 – $20

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