Renegade Burrito Review

Written by Ricky Valadez

Illustration by Madison Otten

New to Colorado or looking for a new little secret burrito place to try out? Check out Renegade Burrito, established in 2017 by a Colorado native originally in Westminster, CO. Renegade is looking to provide the highest quality fast-casual Mexican Food in a trendy environment. 

Upon arriving at the location, you are welcomed with a quiet, comfortable environment. Comparisons could be made to other trendy businesses, such as Starbucks, Chipotle, and Qdoba. Lighting is at a somewhat dim level, perfect for those late night dine outs, or even a place to do some school work. The furniture is modern and gives a comfy feel towards the customer. Now, the two times I have visited Renegade Burrito, there weren’t any people. So, take note that your experience may be different. 

Now to get an idea of the menu, here are your breakfast protein options: chorizo, sausage, bacon, or eggs. Each of these come with potatoes cheese, and two toppings. The price for these will range anywhere between $4.99 to $5.99. The toppings are the basics: sour cream, hot sauces, salsa, cheese, lettuce, and fajita veggies. If the breakfast options are not your thing, then try out their other choices: veggie, chicken, renegade chicken, chile verde, carnitas, or steak guisado. These do come with the choice of two fillings: seasoned potatoes, pinto beans, black beans, cilantro lime rice, and Spanish rice. The price for these alternatives can range anywhere between $6.79 to $7.99.

My first time there, I decided to order a chorizo breakfast burrito. I could taste the well-seasoned and tenderness of the potatoes, which, by far, were my favorite thing about the burrito. The eggs were soft and gave off a radiant yellow look, and the chorizo was well cooked; the toppings that came along gave the flavor a nice touch. However, the salsa was loose, making the burrito a bit messy. (I’d advise not wearing light jeans or white shirts.) The burrito was a filler for its size, which was nice. 

My second visit, I took my family, and we ordered about five different burritos. They all had the same toppings but the protein portion of each gave me a different perspective about the food. The chile verde was the best among the ones we ordered; it gave my mouth a punch of spicy flavors that give Renegade Burrito the Mexican feel. The chicken renegade, carnitas, chicken, and steak guisado were all bland. They could’ve been cooked a bit longer and seasoned more, nullifying the plain taste. The salsas were all hot, which did help with the bland taste of the proteins. However, I would recommend going for the breakfast options, since they’re freshly made in the morning, though they do serve breakfast all day. 

When ordering, the process is similar to that of Chipotle and Qdoba which is simple and quick. This can be a great place if anyone is in a rush to grab something on the run, or if you need to order takeout/catering; these are other great options this small business has as well. 

Renegade Burrito also has a reward system for those junkies that love earning points. Work your way up to 100 points, and you’ll get a free full-sized burrito! And just in case you become a fan of the place, they even provide gift cards and apparel. You can send them an email for more information.

Burrito Renegade is a small secret place that some people may not know about. Its modern comfy interior and variety of food is a good combination that attracts customers. While my experience has been pleasant, it still needs some tweaks on their menu in order to get to that next level. Although the business is fairly new, there’s no doubt in my mind that Renegade Burrito will become something very tremendous in the future. 

Renegade Burrito Information (Based on the two places I went)

Grade: B+
Where: Thornton (A), and Westminster (B)


-A) 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Opened all week

-B) 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Opened all week

Food: American/Mexican

How Much: $5~$25

Of note: Relaxed counter-served spot for California-style burritos with diverse fillings and other Mexican fare


-A) (303) 280-7052

-B) (303) 287-7486

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