Faculty and staff data migration underway

Written by Lori Robinson

Photo by Jonathan Montgomery

There’s a great migration underway, and students may not even be aware of it. Data migration, that is. 

Students who have seen flyers from Front Range Information Technology Services regarding the migration of faculty and staff data to a universal domain for all colleges in the Colorado Community College System need not worry about their files, Stephanie Wickman, director of instructional design and educational technologies, said in a recent telephone conversation. 

The Front Page contacted the director in response to incorrect rumors that the Desire2Learn portal is no longer going to be used by FRCC. 

“This has nothing to do with D2L, and everything to do with faculty and staff files,” Wickman said. 

An email recently sent to faculty, staff and student workers by Information Technology Services Director Malinda Mascarenas affirmed that D2L will not be affected. “D2L and eWolf accounts will not change but should be tested after the migration,” Mascarenas stated in her email. “Student Instructional Accounts (eWolf, D2L, email) will not be impacted.”

The information on Mascarenas’ email matches that stated on the flyer. The flyer states, “FRCC ITS has already migrated our classroom computers and student accounts; the next phase will be to migrate instructors, faculty, and staff user and computer accounts.”

The migration will help ITS “simplify administration, strengthen security, and streamline communications and logins,” the flyer states. 

D2L’s contract — which is unrelated to the faculty and staff data migration — runs through June 2020, Wickman said. 

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