Dr. Heidi Strang; New CTAL Department Chair

Written by Joe Fisk 

This summer, FRCC’s creative and technical arts, humanities and languages department (CTAL) will introduce a new department chair, Dr. Heidi Strang. Strang has been working at FRCC since 2010 and currently teaches Artistry 1, Artistry 2, and an online art appreciation course. As the upcoming CTAL department chair, she will oversee 14 disciplines. 

“I remember when I was a little kid my dad use to always tell me, ‘Education is the one thing no one can ever take away from you,’” said Strang. “If you’re educated that will be with you for a lifetime. The more people know and the more they know about history, the more they will be empowered in their own lives.” 

Strang studied fine art with an emphasis in printmaking for her undergraduate degree at University of Northern Colorado in Greeley and then received her Masters at the University of Denver while studying artistry and museum studies. At the University of Colorado Denver, Strang received a Ph.D studying educational leadership and innovation with an emphasis in adult leadership and learning. Last year, at FRCC, Strang received the Teaching Excellence Award.  

Aside from teaching, Strang enjoys creating her own art from her home studio, using a variety of mediums.  She has one particular passion, however.

“Printmaking and acrylics,” said Strang, “Mostly at home, I do acrylic painting.” 

When Strang is away from teaching and creating her own prints and paintings, she enjoys traveling the world, having visited New Zealand, England, Fiji and many more. At home, Strang enjoys gardening.

“I have quite the flower garden, vegetables too,” said Strang. “I’m known to leave flowers  on all the neighbors stoops. It’s kind of fun.” 

Strang’s CTAL department works together to set up the student art gallery.

“Keep an eye on the gallery,” said Strang. “Same with the art building. People can go there to study, wander around, and see the program. We encourage that. If artists want to show work they’ve done outside of school, we have some display cases in the hallway. Just get in touch with me and we can show some work.” 

Since Strang will be taking the CTAL department chair next semester, she will only be teaching one class online.

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