Do it Yourself Punk Show and Art Exhibition

Written by Joe Fisk

On March 7, FRCC Westminster philosophy club, The Doors Of Perception, and the Creative Writing Club collaborated to organize a punk show in the recital hall to embrace individual expression. The show featured a collection of original visual art by FRCC student Evan Colbert, as well as musical performances by three groups: FRCC student bands  Em Rad and The Spectators, The Broken Escalators, and local Denver band Soulless Maneater. 

The event also offered food, drinks and projected video throughout the show. In between sets, Creative Writing Club collected short passages written by individual audience members and combined them to make a collective story.                                                                   

The performers’ musical experience varied. For Em and The Spectators, it was their first show. They covered Iggy Pop’s “the passenger”, with vocals by Justin Elder and percussion played on tambourine and cajón by Elder and Destiny Hart.                                        

“We’ve both just started playing instruments this semester, so it’s been six weeks that I’ve been doing vocal lessons and guitar,” said Elder. “I think it went really well; we were really nervous, but we had a lot of fun…there was a lot of people. A lot more than expected.”

This was also The Broken Escalators’ first on stage performance. The four-piece band played a full set with a variety of instruments: bass, guitar, drums, keys, cajón, and more. The band is full of multi-instrumentalists, like Derek Vigil and Eli Vigil. The other two members, Rodrigo Najle and Riley Vigil are also involved with the philosophy club.

“Rodrigo and I started the philosophy club, ‘The Doors of Perception.,’” said Riley, “He’s the spiritual guide, I’m the president, and this is my family, the Vigils.”

Inspiration for the event came from the art work of Evan Colbert, who was featured in the gallery. The Doors of Perception wanted to add to the visuals in the art gallery.

“We wanted to take Evan Colbert’s exhibition and expand on it and bring the community together,” said Najle.

Colbert also contributed by contacting local Denver band Soulless Maneater, who headlined the event.                                                                                                                                      

“We’re friends with the artist, Evan Colbert,” said Lily DeThomas of Soulless Maneater. “We played at his house a few years back, and I’ve been close family friends with him since I was little.”

Soulless Maneater was a three-piece group with Lily DeThomas playing guitar, Eva DeThomas on bass, and Tess Meilinler on drums. Despite having played on other college campuses in the past, they found this show had a unique atmosphere.

“We actually did a radio session a few weeks ago at CU Boulder on 1190 radio station,” said Meilinler. “We’ve played at college campuses before, but not in an atmosphere or space like that. I liked the set up and everything. Good visuals.”

Elder, of Em and the Spectators also enjoyed the show’s atmosphere.

“It was a little different because it’s a recital hall,” said Elder. “Kind of classier, but I feel like the people brought a good atmosphere, and we had the food and projector and everything. It was nice.”

The Doors of Perception meets Wednesdays at noon  in room C-0504 and Creative Writing Club meets Fridays at 11 a.m. in the Student Organization Center large conference room. Upcoming club events will be posted on the bulletin boards across campus.

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