Jack’s and Steamers Restaurant Review


Written by Emily Jackson

Illustration by Madison Otten

Are you looking for a family-friendly place to get a latte, eat a meal, have a drink, and get ice cream all in one stop?  Consider going to Jack’s and Steamers Bar & Grill. It’s a family-owned business that opened in 2007. The service can be hit or miss, but the restaurant has a friendly, warm atmosphere that’s a mix of a pub and a café.

The atmosphere of Jack’s and Steamers is unique. When you first walk in, you see the coffee and ice cream bar connected to the traditional bar and a staircase leading to an upstairs dining area, which also has a bar. They create a sense of community by selling locally-made jams and posting colorful artwork from the local elementary school.  There’s also a calendar made of small chalkboards on the wall, listing the restaurant’s specials and unique holidays like “Cook For Your Pet Day.”

The first time I went was on a Thursday night, and I was very disappointed with the service, but the second time I went was on a Friday morning, and I was pleased. The first time was with a friend, and the restaurant seemed somewhat busy.  It took about ten minutes for the hostess to notice us standing there, then we were brought to a table on the second floor.

Once we sat down, it took twenty minutes for our waitress to bring us water and introduce herself.  After we ordered, it took thirty minutes for our food to arrive. Our waitress didn’t return until she took the check. A chef from the kitchen brought our food, a different waiter gave us sauce for the sliders, and a busboy gave us our check. We spent two hours in the restaurant. an hour and half was spent waiting.  

The second time I went with my mom, and we were greeted as soon as we walked in the door.  We were brought to a table almost immediately and were greeted by our waiter in a few minutes. He came back periodically to check on us and gave us the food we ordered.  The service we received during the second visit gave me hope for the future.

The food on the second visit was better too. On the first visit I ordered the “Under Cover,” another name for their daily special.  That day it was Cordon Bleu Sliders ($12). The plate had three sliders and fries. Each slider consisted of a breaded piece of chicken, a very thin piece of ham, and a see-through piece of cheese. Then I noticed there was no sauce for the sliders; they were dry and eating them was like trying to chew cardboard.  My friend ordered “Jack’s Crabby” which were crab cake sliders ($12). The crab cakes were mostly made of breading and had tiny shrivels of crab in it. The cakes were dry and crumbled like sand. My friend also ordered a glass of red wine ($12), we were shocked when we saw the price.

On the second visit I ordered “The Gatherer,” which was scrambled eggs mixed with tomatoes, mushrooms, jack cheese, and spinach on top of “home fries,” which are diced fried potatoes.  “The Gatherer” also came with a side of green chili, apple spice jam, and toast ($9). The apple spice jam lessened the spice in the chili and created a strange but delicious flavor of spicy apples.  My mom ordered the “Benny,” which was a traditional eggs benedict ($10). The tart hollandaise sauce paired with the sweetness of the ham, the over-easy egg and English muffin.

Jack’s and Steamers also provided a variety of food.  They had multiple substitutes for gluten-free and vegetarian options, along with homemade ice cream and lattes. They also serve more traditional dishes like burgers, nachos, chicken parmesan, and meat loaf.  It was surprising to see the different homemade items they sold.

Overall, I was happier with my second visit. I am not sure how consistent the service is there since I had two drastically different experiences.  That’s why I give Jack’s and Steamers a B. I would advise not to sit on the second floor; it’s possible that could have contributed to the bad service during my first visit.


Jack’s and Steamer’s

Grade: B

Address: 8565 Five Parks Dr.  #100, Arvada, CO 80005

Hours: Mon-Sun 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p. m.

Food: American

Average price: $10

Information: 303-456-7624

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