Caberet Night

By Melody Giles

On Oct. 25,  FRCC Westminster held its first-ever Cabaret Night. The event, put on by Front Range staff and students, had a packed house for its whimsy and diversity of music and art. The theme was love. Throughout the night, the audience was entertained with jazzy songs played on guitars, the piano, and by vocalists. There was also some dancing, a skit, and the emcee, Felicity Breanne, even told some jokes.

“I wanted to do something that was a) entertaining b) different and c) most important, something that focuses on the students and what they are doing.” said Dr. Kevin Garry, one of the music faculty who helped organize the event.

The room was filled with claps and cheers after every performance as the audience was being supportive and seemed to be soaking up every minute of the show.

“Honestly, the dancing was my favorite part,” said audience member Andy Correll.

But audience members didn’t just connect with the dancing.

“The singers were amazing,” Caitlin Hoskins and Lauren Milan both said.

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Caberet Night Hosted at Westminster FRCC, Oct. 25, 7pm. Photos taken by Lindsey McKitrick. 

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