Resume and Cover Letter Lab

By Madison Otten

A good resume can make or break your chances for an interview, and the pressure can be overwhelming for students who already have enough on their plate, especially during the fall semester.  

The college has a remedy for that. Every Tuesday from 2 to 4 p.m. during the Summer Semester, you can drop into the Career Success Center, located in L-278 in the Library Link hallway. Additionally, you can also make an appointment to work one-on-one with a career counselor.

The CSC will also review your resume and cover letter and give pointers on how to best present yourself in drop-in labs held on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Evan Kravitz, career counselor, will help you with your resume, no matter what state it’s in.

“Our main goal is to help take some of the frustration out of it,” says Kravitz. “Resumes and cover letters are no fun. We have many techniques we can teach you to make it less of a nightmare.”

A unique aspect of this lab is that they will also help you with your LinkedIn profile, as social networking is becoming an asset for job hunters.

Kravitz emphasizes how important it is to focus the resume on the student’s personal wants and needs.

“It’s one thing to present and talk about resumes and cover letters in class, but when you’re sitting with a student, you really need to focus on what their specific goals are,” says Kravitz.  “Where are they aiming these application materials? For what career field? And you can only truly understand this when you work in a one-on-one setting.”

Jennifer Crandall, Pathways advisor, explains that the center is a multifaceted institution within the school aimed at helping prepare students for their future careers. She said that the center has specific assets for the students to utilize, such as interview preparation, career exploration, job search skills, assessments, job shadowing, informational interviews, and many more services.

“We here at Front Range feel that it is important for students to have have that opportunity to succeed,” says Crandall. “ I’ve had students tell me that they feel more confident and prepared to take on the interviews.”

The center also has a Career Closest where staff members have donated interview attire, ranging from dress shirts and suits, to shoes, and even to accessories like ties or bracelets.

Another service is Wolf Careers, located on the Front Range website, where outside businesses can publish internships and employment opportunities for students.

For more information regarding the Career Success Center and its services, visit the office in the Library Link or call (303) 404-5000.

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