Welcome Week

Written By Drew Lascot and Madison Otten



Welcome Week was a series of events that welcomed new and returning students.

Melanie Rocha, student involvement coordinator, is passionate about hosting her events with Student Life.

“We try to get people excited to come back to school,” Rocha said. “We host these events to try to let them the students know that we care and that they’re important.”

Welcome Waffles

Two waffle stations and a table with free gifts greeted students entering the Rotunda early Monday and Tuesday morning. Blue balloons imprinted with the “Wolf Life” logo drifted over the stacked serving stations which held tubs full of waffle batter, plenty of cans of whipped cream, and a variety of juices for students to enjoy. Rocha not only arranged the event, but worked one of the stations, alongside Student Life staff..

In the case of Ignacio Perez, FRCC student, Student Life helped get his morning back on track.

“It works out perfectly like this,” Perez said. “I was in a rush this morning, free breakfast like this benefits all the students.”

Slinky Day

Not just the morning was covered by Student Life, they had plans for the first day expanding into the afternoon, taking advantage of the obscure Slinky Day. Slinky Day is a small holiday, with no official date, that celebrates the slinky’s versatility, having been used as a mobile radio antenna during the Vietnam War and just plain fun-factor. Cindy Stephenson, of Student Life, wanted to harken students back to their childhoods and brought free cookies.

Stephenson’s partner for the event, Nicole LeFebre, talked about how little events can bring a lot of comradery.

“School has this feeling of get in and get out,” LeFebre. “ Events like this helps alleviate that and help build connections.”

Wolf Wednesday

Maddison Starr of Student Life, partnered with FRCC mascot Apollo noticed in the first 15 minutes that free ice cream wasn’t. The duo took to the halls of FRCC.

“Students love free food!” Starr said

Student Danielle Byrd  expressed her gratitude with the college’s efforts to make students not only feel welcome but appreciated.

“I do feel like the events help students feel welcome,” Said Byrd. “I’ve been to two community colleges in the past, and this Welcome Week is unique to FRCC. Some schools don’t even have mascots.”

Back to the Future Movie Night

Students gathered on Wednesday night in the Rocky Mountain Room to watch a movie and had the opportunity to win a free laptop provided Comcast. Students had the opportunity to win a free laptop. Popcorn, cookies, and refreshments were provided by Student Life. The movie playing that night was the 1985 movie Back to the Future in which the titular Marty McFly accidentally travels to 1955 in a time machine made out of a Delorean.



Community colleges are often a chance for students to start over and gain new experiences, Student Life provide these events it can help students ease into the new setting and schedules a bit easier.

Students like Gloria Ankomah, get a chance to unwind with a movie.

“It’s really great; I can feel confident going to class.” Ankomah said.  “ The events make you feel confident around education.”

Magic Show

At noon on Thursday the Rotunda was full with students, Student Life provided free food and refreshments. Apollo milled about, greeting students with high fives and even participated in the event.


2018-08-23-Magic-Show-289The student’s attention was on the stage where Scotty Wiess was performing. Wiess was no ordinary performer. he was a stage magician who’s tricks involved volunteers from the audience.

Wiess performed varying card tricks.

Madison Madden was one of many who watched the performance.

“It was a nice distraction from work,” said Madden. “I would see another show like this again.”


The magic show was one of the last events of Welcome Week. TGIFriday was a giveaway sponsored by Student Life in which FRCC based merchandise was given away to passing students. There was free food and mini footballs for the students enjoy.

The following week would be a week based entirely on the 50th Anniversary of the school, each day would be a time based theme beginning in the 1960’s and ending in the modern day. All of these events were produced, constructed, and hosted by the Student Life team and their staff members.

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