Snow Cone Social

By Madison Otten

What’s the best way to kick off a new semester? Students were able to partake in free snow cones during the school day courtesy of Student Life. Anybody who walked by the Student Center was welcome to have one before returning to classes.

The summer semester can be a busy and hectic time for students, both old and new, with seemingly long presentations, piles of paperwork and sometimes long school supply lists. But the Student Life Office at the Westminster Campus understands this and decided to give the students a bit of a break by hosting the Snow Cone Social.

The Snow Cone Social was a treat for any and all who meander by it. The stand was situated next to the coffee shop and the Student Life Office. Students and faculty alike were welcome to have a refreshing treat during the hot day, not to mention a nice break from the norm. Even though it only lasted a few hours, it was enough to make everyone who visited happy.

“Free stuff always brings people together,” Said Griffon Elliot, a staff member of Student Life “How can you not be happy with free stuff?”

Free food on college campuses is a big draw for people, it helps to provide a commutative atmosphere around any event. Most, if not all, of the events on campus are based around free food of some kind. Some, like Mrs. Rocha, believe that free food helps put people in a better mood.

Melanie Rocha, the student involvement coordinator, comments on whether or not free food events such as this have the power to bring people together.

“I think any event that involves something yummy puts everyone is a good mood,” said Rocha.

Student Life will be hosting more events all summer long, there will also be more in the coming fall and spring semesters. You can find out where and when the events will be by checking out the school’s online calendar. It updates frequently and lists events for all of the campuses, not just the Westminster location. You can also visit the Student Life Office and ask for information there; it’s by the campus Bookstore and the Cafe.

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