Halfway Hot Dogs

By Madison Otten

July can be a difficult month for students. The weather is blazing hot to the point where ice cream will melt on contact with the sunlight. More importantly, it’s also the middle point of the summer semester. This can be very difficult for students; the end is in sight but still so far away.

FRCC thankfully knows this and has taken steps to make this time a little easier for everyone. We all know that certain events offer free food to passersby, but this particular occasion takes it a step further by cooking the food right in front of you.

Red and yellow balloons acted as a lead toward the event, catching people’s attention and drawing them closer. Outside the Welcome Center sat a  BBQ grill, several tables with chairs and upbeat music to break the sound of dim buzz of the Earth baking under the unrelenting sun. Chips, cookies, lemonade, water, veggie dogs and hot dogs were offered to anyone and everyone brave enough to ask. New student orientation also milled about on campus, bringing in bright new faces to our campus.

Elias Lopez, a guest to the event, expressed his feelings on the school’s attempt to boosting student participation.

“Events like these do help student morale,” said Lopez. “They’re always trying something new with these events. It’s another way to connect with the school. It helps, because the free food provided can act as a community point.”

The school does its best to make everyone feel welcome and by providing free food; as stated by several patrons in the past, it helps brings people together and brightens people’s day. This event is geared toward making people feel welcome, both old students and new.  

Dominique Derouen is a newcomer to campus, she voiced her sentiments on the school’s attempts at making people feel welcome.

“I believe that the students and teachers help out,” said Derouen. “They make make sure everyone gets involved.”

This event was the morale booster that students needed to finish the summer semester strong, and it gave students a much needed breather. New and old students alike were able to enjoy the treat before returning to the grindstone.

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