By Madison Otten

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Photos by Massiel Orduna

FRCC is all about community and fun. The institution holds events showcasing such ideals for the students. Most events give out free food and have a fun activity. This particular event featured something that most people would attribute to the world famous Instagram app: a Polaroid camera. For the uninitiated, a Polaroid is a special camera that prints out a small picture after the image had been captured. The cameras have been making a comeback for such novelty.

The event was simple. You would write down what you thought was special about yourself, and then have your picture printed. The picture would be taped to the paper and hung up outside of the bookstore. Afterward, you were able to get a free snack and drink of your choice.

Since the Fall Semester is close, and the campus has been bustling with activity from new and returning students, it only makes sense to have an event such as this.

Elias Lopez, a student who participated in the event, appreciated the opportunity to share his identity, something people cannot always do.

“I think events like these helps students’ morale,” said Lopez. “It lets people know that they’re here and helps benefit yourself and the outside world by extension.”

Even though summer events can be few and far between, the ones that we do get are always seeming to brim with positivity, especially when free food is involved. Having people write down something that they think is special about themselves is another positive side to this event, most students are stressed and can be bogged down by the woes and strife of everyday life. Having them state at least one special thing about themselves can have an impact on their day, no manner small.

Another passerby, Clay Kungel, gave us his thoughts on why he enjoys events like theses.

“I like participating in events like these, they’re fun and give out free snacks,” said Kungel.

Events with variety such as this can help students during such stressful times of the school year when the financial aid process, and class registration hangs over everyone’s heads like some omnipresent cloud. It’s like finding an oasis in the desert. Having students take a few minutes out of their day to consider what makes them special is unique.

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