What Did You Do For Spring Break?

Written by Jeramey Reamer

After their final midterm exam,  FRCC students were given the opportunity to relax during Spring Break.  The week of no classes is dedicated to recharging your brain as busy schedules of classes and assignments take a back seat to fun and recreation! Take a look at what these Westminster students did to keep their momentum going while not in 


“My dad and I joined a bowling league.  He is a professional bowler, and taught me how to bowl.  In addition, I am working on an internship at

MicroTone Studios, which is a lot of music mixing, editing and recording.”

– Madison Drake









“For my computer class, we just started using Access, and I practiced to learn the program.  We also had a ski weekend, so I did a lot of snow boarding.”

– Brenden Hansen

“I worked with a local dental society that I am a member of.  Also, I practiced the guitar and piano for at least six hours a day.” – Nick ChiovittiNick







“I made art and recorded music on my computer. This was also a great time to get caught up on homework, because I have a lot of projects to do.”

– Andrew Wilson



No matter how you spent your Spring Break, the entire Front Page team is glad you had a safe and enjoyable break from classes.  Be sure to check out the www.thefrontpagefrcc.com for more articles and information about Front Range Community College.

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