Written by Danielle Hagerty


Prism is a new club at Front Range Community College Westminster, which is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for LGBTQ students among the campus. It has only been an official club for two weeks, but already has a great following with approximately 22 club members now.

It is not only about bringing knowledge to others that are not involved with the LGBTQ community or Prism, but specifically for club members. Once a week Prism meets to share identities, find identities, and create a judgement free place. The club discusses their struggles specifically here at FRCC, and try to brainstorm solutions. There are also discussions about bringing awareness.

What is so special about this club is the objective is to bring everyone together through education and knowledge about the realities of LGBTQ . There is a lot about it that is not known to many people.

“A lot of people don’t understand that trans is not the only identity you could have when it comes to genders, and it is important to bring knowledge to our club members and students among us in the classroom,,” said President of Prism Spencer Hall.

Trans Day Visibility is an event on March 31st, at FRCC that the Diversity Committee will be involved in, as well as Prism. There is a lot to be known about this community as a whole. It is more complex than we may know. There will be safety zone trainings, educational opportunities for gender identities, and creating a safe inclusive environment for the institution.

“One of the biggest outcries was the ability for people to connect to each other, without judgement,” Vice President Chase Janice stated. The clubs missions revolve around building connection with all. Meetings are open to all, very casual and encouraged for anyone that feels they go against the grain of society.

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