Important Fall Dates and Deadlines

By Jacob Hallberg

The summer semester is nearing its end and students are scrambling to finish up the last assignments and tests. Often times, students can feel overwhelmed with the many different deadlines that come with a new school semester. With so many upcoming, these final weeks can become a blur.

The New Student Orientation for the Westminster Campus occurs on August 17. New students are given a great opportunity to familiarize themselves with the campus at large. Students can bring their schedules to the New Student Orientation event as well to have their classes mapped out for them. Additionally, event staff can find your books in the bookstore to make your transition into Front Range Community College a seamless experience. Meeting fellow students is another perk of attending the event. Previously attending students can introduce you to key members of staff that enable fluidity within our college environment. With so many great benefits available for new students, the New Student Orientation event is a key fall semester event.

Students can start using financial aid in the bookstore starting August 16th. With this option, students select their books from the store, new and used (when available) copies are both options as well as notebooks, folders, pens and pencils, paint and some basic supplies for technical programs such as EMS and Nursing. Instead of paying cash, the cost of the supplies are put on the student’s account and are added to the tuition bill. When financial aid money is distributed, the cost of the books are taken from the funds (as well as tuition) before refunds are granted.

The tuition payment deadline for the fall semester is on August 18, and if you register for classes after the 18th, your payment will be due by midnight on the Tuesday following the day you register. If these requirements are not met any registered classes will be dropped. For more information and a more detailed breakdown of the payment schedule, click here.

All classes begin on August 22, including 15-,12-,10-week and the first 7.5- and 5-week classes. Students should make sure that they have the required course materials before this date as many class schedules begin immediately on the first day of class. Usually a notebook and a pencil is enough for most classes until they give you more information about the required materials. Often you can look up what books you need through ewolf as well as ask during New Student Orientation and at the bookstore.

September 6, is the last day to drop 15-week classes with a refund. However, classes are still able to be dropped until November 19. During this period of time any class dropped will be marked as a withdrawn class with a W recorded.Visit for more important deadline dates and information.

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