Politics Explained

With Barack Obama’s second presidential term nearing an end, American citizens are, once again, preparing to elect a new president. Political advertising is flooding the media, and politicians are spending vast amounts of time, energy and money on getting votes. Continue reading “Politics Explained”

FRCC Makes Effort to Welcome New Students

As I put 2015 behind me and begin 2016 at Front Range Community College, I can’t help but reminisce about my experiences as a college freshman. As we all know, getting prepared for school can be difficult, and the first weeks of class are often overwhelming. Everything feels new and different. Sometimes, we want to be safe at home, curled up in our beds. Continue reading “FRCC Makes Effort to Welcome New Students”

Improving FRCC’s Network Stability

Front Range Community College is happy to announce wireless network improvements for all three campuses. Presently, the Wi-Fi is reaching peak bandwidth usage during popular times of day. For users, this means slower connection speeds and an overloaded network.

Continue reading “Improving FRCC’s Network Stability”

Meet the Editor: Kayla Klein

The former editor of The Front Page, Koa Avery, transferred to the University of Colorado Boulder this semester. Ergo, it’s a hectic time for The Front Page with an office move and the transition from printed editions to a fully-functional online-only student newspaper. The new website for The Front Page will be publishing content on a daily basis (Monday-Friday) this semester. In the midst of it all, the paper has a new managing editor: Front Range Community College student Kayla Klein, age 17. Continue reading “Meet the Editor: Kayla Klein”

Front Range Community College’s Ongoing Construction


The Front Page recently had the opportunity to talk with Front Range Community College’s Vice President, Therese Brown, about the construction that students and faculty have had to navigate through in the past few years. The construction is nearing completion, so here is a recap of what has been accomplished and what is still yet to be finished. Continue reading “Front Range Community College’s Ongoing Construction”