What is FRCC Westminster’s Sociology Club?

As the semester gets underway, Westminster Campus’s Sociology Club is eager to welcome new members. We are widely recognized as an excellent organization for anyone, regardless of major and prior knowledge of sociology, who is passionate about social justice, making the world a better place, and being part of a strong community.

Our club is very student-driven. Essentially everything we do is the result of members’ suggestions and areas of interest. If there’s a social justice issue or cause that matters to you, or that you are curious about, our goal is to give you a fun, supportive, and collaborative space to explore it and push for change on campus and beyond! Here are just a handful of events and activities we’ve done in the past. Last semester, we hosted a panel called “Empowering Women of Color,” where panelists, including Front Range’s president, shared with Westminster Campus their experiences working in higher education as women of color. Last semester also marked the return of a tradition known as “Diversity Day.” Here, we designed a variety of fun, carnival-style games to teach the FRCC community about important social justice topics of our choosing. For example, unions, social justice in healthcare, and neurodiversity. Other past activities include volunteer opportunities, creating flyers to spread awareness about climate change, putting together an exhibit to highlight and celebrate autistic artists for Autism Acceptance Month, collecting donations for an organization serving people who are experiencing homelessness, collaborating with other student organizations to support members of the FRCC community who were impacted by the Marshall Fire, and running a table event where we showed people how to register to vote.

An advertisement for last years Diversity Day celebration written on a whiteboard by the rotunda. Photo by Dehnal Tena
FRCC students enjoy the free food provided by the Sociology Club during last years Diversity Day celebration. Photo by Seth Ciancio
A promotional flyer distributed by the Sociology Club.

Participation in activities such as these is a great way for members to add to their resumes and scholarship applications. For many of us though, it’s the connections we form with fellow club members that mean the most. We care about helping each other, making friends, and providing a safe and supportive space for everyone to explore causes they care about and learn new skills.

For anyone who would like to join us, we meet every Wednesday from 3-4 in the SOC room near the café area on Westminster Campus. We would love to see you at our next meeting, on February 8. we will be continuing another favorite club tradition – preparing and packing textbooks to be donated to a state prison or other institution of our choosing. This is a great opportunity to talk and get to know each other while also making a difference.

For anyone who has questions or is interested in joining, please feel to email Kristina Kahl, Sociology Club advisor, or Maddie Stallman, Sociology Club co-president. We look forward to hearing from you!

Written by Maddie Stallman and Annalise Shine

Co-president and vice president of the Sociology Club, respectively.

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