How to (Cheaply) Celebrate Your Singleness This Valentines Day

In a week’s time, love will once again be in the air; couples will gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes, romantic kisses will be had, and a magical night with your beloved will be had, which is cool and all… but what about the rest of us? For those who are single- or worse, recently single- this time of year can be a grueling reminder of that status despite whether or not you think of it as a “Hallmark” Holiday.

Fear not single people! There are fun times to be had on this love-stuffed night!  

First off, my personal advice coming from 20 years of back-of-house restaurant work is… avoid sit-down restaurants altogether. Unless you have a group of single friends that have made plans in advance, it is near impossible to get a table at a nice restaurant due to Valentine’s Day being the “Super Bowl” of holidays for establishments; you also don’t need to see couples gushing over each other. 

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way let’s get into the wealth of ideas for some self love this Cupid season. For students, squeezing the most fun out of our budget is always key, and with that in mind, I present these options for my single students.

Dairy Queen

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, Dairy Queen has made the perfect Blizzard to make the lonely day a little better. Even those in relationships might consider going single for the day to try the new flavor: Triple-Truffle Blizzard treat which is the famous soft-serve mixed with peanut butter, fudge, and caramel truffles along with a chocolate topping to finish it off (available in cake & blizzard form). One sip in and you’ll already have forgotten that annoying couple from high school who announced their engagement today.


Who needs a date to enjoy a movie? This year try signing up for a Redbox account for a free DVD rental. So rent that movie you’ve been wanting to watch, appreciate the fact that you don’t have to share your popcorn or blankets, and have an incredible single Valentine’s Day movie date.


Newly single on Valentine’s Day? Go to Hooters this year with a picture of your ex and rip it up to get ten free chicken wings. And sure, going to Hooters on Valentine’s Day isn’t the most romantic thing in the world but hey! You’re single now. Live your life.  

Shake Shack

Sometimes you just need a solid burger and shake. Good thing Shake Shack is unveiling their white truffle menu just in time to treat yourself to something decadent, available for both carnivores and vegetarians. 

Auntie Anne’s

If you are an Auntie Anne’s Rewards member, you can get a free Original Pretzel with the purchase of Mini Pretzel Dogs and a drink now through April 30. The chain will also be offering a BOGO Original and Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel and $5 off any Pretzel Bucket, only on February 14th.

Burger King

What’s better than one Whopper? Two, of course. Get a BOGO Whopper on Valentine’s Day, at Burger King if you are a Royal Perks member. Redeem the deal with a coupon available via the offers tab in the BK app and online at

Everyone deserves to enjoy Valentine’s Day; don’t let your relationship status ruin your fun this February. And who knows! Maybe you’ll meet someone new and single while you’re waiting to pay for your milkshake. Wouldn’t that be a funny story to tell your grandkids?

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