Colorado Voter Resources for the 2020 Election

Written by Rhiana Bilderaya

Voting is important, but it can be hard to dive in without knowing much about the different amendments, candidates, and propositions on each ballot. If voting feels overwhelming, it can help to read about each candidate and amendment on the ballot. Here is a list of resources that break the 2020 Colorado ballot down into concise, readable information.

CPR News is one of the most comprehensive resources for this year’s ballot. Readers can click on each link to learn more about candidates, amendments, and propositions.

Colorado Sun has live updates with graphs on Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump approval and poll ratings.

Ballotpedia has a breakdown of what’s specific to the Colorado ballot this year and how the votes are split. They also explore campaign contributions.

Ballotready will collect your address, then you can research the ballot by clicking on the “Research Ballot” link. Once you do this, there are links with information on every candidate for your state.

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