Four Year Fridays: Visiting and Touring Local Universities

Written By: Diana-Mari Rossell-Eddy

For anyone looking to transfer for a Bachelor’s program in Colorado; Four-Year Fridays may be for you! Every Friday throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, Front Range- Westminster Campus invites all students to join for an all-day fun, informative exploration of some of Colorado’s amazing 4 year institutions. Whether you have your mind already set on a university or you just want to explore your options, Four-year Fridays is a great way to get informed! Each trip is coordinated by Alana McCoy from advising and everyone is provided transportation to and from the campus(es), along with lunch. There were a few trips this past Fall semester and I was fortunate enough to attend the one to Auraria campus; Metropolitan State University (MSU) and University of Colorado-Denver(CU-Denver).

Once at Auraria campus, our group headed over to the new MSU Student life building. We were all escorted to the 3rd floor where we met with various different advisors and program coordinators on site, as well as other current students. They all shared their experiences with us, had good advice, and answered the many questions we all had.

Afterwards we went on a campus tour. There are a lot of major renovations happening at the campus presently, so it was nice to have a guided tour through the chaos. At the end of the tour, we headed over to the Tivoli building to get some lunch. The Tivoli is a sort of central hub at the Auraria campus. There’s food and entertainment and academic advising for MSU, CU-Denver as well as Community College of Denver. Computer lounges and study rooms also make the Tivoli a great place to study and network with other students.

Next, we headed over to CU-Denver main building for another orientation and meet-and-greet with advisors, faculty and students. This was another great experience and we all received good information on programs and requirements.

I had originally been undecided about which college I wanted to transfer to after Front Range. Coincidently, I was torn between CU-Denver and MSU. But after visiting both colleges, meeting with faculty and students from both campuses, I had a better idea of what I wanted and what I could expect from each college. Now, I feel better prepared and well informed. And I have actually decided on attending MSU, Spring 2018!

To anyone that is still deciding or isn’t even sure what to expect from a four-year university, I highly recommend going on one of these visits. This was a great opportunity to get some insight into the university life. There will be more visits just like this one next semester, so be on the lookout for postings with dates and universities visits for this spring.

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