Employee and Faculty Awards Ceremony


Written by Matt Cunningham

Photos by Lindsey Brand

The employee and faculty awards ceremony was an event to honor excellence in the various fields of work that are present at FRCC. From Employee Excellence Awards to Master Teacher Awards, the event featured a wide variety of faculty and staff receiving award nominations or victories.

The event was held in the Rotunda by the cafeteria.  There was cloth on the tables, and the area was blocked off once the ceremony began. The event is held every year; all members nominated are chosen by the students.


Employee Excellence Awards winners:

Rosa Cruz

John Gunderson

Susan McMurdo

Janet Murphy

Patrick O’Neill


Outstanding Department Award Winner:

TRIO Upward Bound


Vice President’s Outstanding Contribution Awards winners:

Sheena Martin

Rita Quintana


Teaching Excellence Awards Winners:

Rita Quintana

Mary Mattson

Jim Voss

Guadalupe Chavez

Jomil Ebro

Richard Ortner


Master Teacher Awards Winners:

Ann Riedl

Kathleen Hammond  

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