Changing a Lifetime With the Fitness Center

Written by Drew Lascot and Joe Fisk

Photos by Lindsey Brand

At FRCC, a variety of resources are available to students: the Pantry offers food to all who apply, the Writing Center gives advice on papers ranging from essays to resumes, and the Game Room is available for recreation. The High Plains Fitness Center is a free gym available to all students. It only requires a Wolf Card from the Student Life Office (for a $5 fee) and filling out a registration form. Employee rates are $30 for the fall and spring semesters and $20 in the summer.

Those unsure where to start their fitness journey may find interest in the group fitness classes offered Monday through Thursday. All group fitness courses are an hour long, with the exception of meditation and mindfulness, which runs only 30 minutes.

The new Health and Wellness Coordinator, Lauren Schiller, is at least partially responsible for the variety of classes available. Before being hired in September, only three group fitness courses were offered.  In the future, Schiller hopes to implement a variety of wellness programs that appeal to a wide spectrum of students. It’s Schiller’s hope that all students can leave with healthy habits for the future.

“[I want to bring] just other things to get students more active and be able to appeal to different people, so not just the athletic type,” said Schiller.“I want there to be something for everybody, ‘cause that’s what I think fitness is. During these critical college years, this is the time where people start creating habits, that’s when I started creating them. We’re setting students up for success in their future, and I enjoy that aspect.”

The group fitness class Women on Weights was created by Sydney True, the only group fitness instructor who is also a student. Between work and instructing, True is often in the fitness center.

Although there are many group fitness courses, clubs, and regulars, there is still plenty of room for students who are new to the gym.

“It’s not to the point where it’s overcrowded, where you can’t get on the machines or anything, like so many other gyms,” said True.

The fitness center has multiple rooms and equipment that are free to students with a Wolf Card: a cardio room, weight room, basketball court, and yoga studio. True believes it has even more to offer.

“It doesn’t just better you physically,” said True. “It betters you mentally and emotionally, I think.”

Clubs, like dodge ball, and intramural sports on offer, such as volleyball, provide a different way to break a sweat. Of course, those already familiar with a gym’s layout who are just looking to get in a workout are welcome too.

Being free is only part of it; community, Schiller thinks, is key in getting people to enjoy their time. In room B0504, Schiller keeps an open-door policy, welcoming anyone interested in starting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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