Planning for a Seamless Transition

Written By: Jacob Hallberg

The ever growing theme for most students seems to be the desire and need to finish their schooling at Front Range Community College and then transfer to a four-year university. It makes sense. Schooling here at Front Range Community College is affordable, efficient, and packed with highly educated faculty that generally care. However, at some point we must all leave and move on. Either to find a job with our newly obtained education or to continue our education at another location.

If your situation consists of the latter, then you are in need of a transfer credit evaluation. Although many of the credits at Front Range Community College transfer due to the preemptive work done by faculty to ensure statewide transfer credit to public universities, it’s a good idea to make sure that the credit hours you have will transfer directly into your major of choice at your chosen university.

Starting school at a community college is becoming increasingly popular as these stats from Texas show that 76% of all 2013 graduates received at least one credit from a two year university and many received 30 or more credits.

The first thing to do when selecting classes is to talk with the advisors here at Front Range Community College. Their single purpose is to make you succeed and it seems that many students don’t take advantage of the many great benefits that they offer. They can give you a two- to four-year plan depending on your class load. Furthermore, they can tailor your course schedule around events that are happening in your life. Work, errands, and social aspects all play a part in a large classification of students and Front Range Community College tailors that schedule to fit those needs.

The next step to a successful transfer credit is to talk to the academic advisors at your school of choice. They can work with the classes given to you by Front Range Community College and make any needed adjustments or suggestions. Adjustments that are key to an efficient education because it will ensure that the classes you are taking at FRCC will transfer to the next institution. It’s a horrible feeling to transfer to a four-year university only to realize that ten of your credits failed to transfer into your degree’s program. The website Transferology is a wonderful resource that can help figure out if the class you are taking here at FRCC will transfer to a 4-year university and vice-versa.

Many higher educated professionals also started their studies at a community college

Additionally, majors sometimes have certain specializations available within the chosen degree that students can follow. For example, Computer Science has specializations in software development, artificial intelligence, and hardware design to name a few. As an aspiring computer scientist it was essential while taking classes at Front Range Community College so that I took classes that would match my desired specification.

The key to an efficient and cost effective higher education is to formulate a course schedule. Know what you will take before the semester begins, preferably semesters in advance so that you are able to quickly and decisively enroll in classes. This system plays hand-in-hand with a healthy class schedule because classes fill up rapidly and to have a schedule derailed because of indecisiveness is heartbreaking.

The art of a successful education can be confusing at first and it’s not always a straightforward path to success. Plan ahead to make the most out of your valuable time and education. Life can turn upside down when you least expect it and preparation is essential to mitigating the effects of our crazy world.2-to-4-year-1

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