The Scariest Time of Year – 10/30/23

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Volume 1, Issue 3

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Winner of 2023 Halloween Writing Contest:

The Spalding Butterfly Collection at the Natural History Museum of Utah.
The Spalding Butterfly Collection at the Natural History Museum of Utah. Photo by mark6mauno.

Butterfly Collector

Written by Isabella Osborne

Second Place:

Ants eat an apple on the dirt.
Ants eat an apple on the dirt. Photo by Lynne Hand.


Written by Veda LeVasseur

Third & Fourth Place Winners:

A woman laying in a bed, surrounded by scary shadows.
Image by kbetart.


Written by Vang Harris

Photo credit: Dinner With Julie

Just Jam

Written by Edward Chusid

Photo by Hayden Bruner.

Will the Wolves Work Out With the Rams?

Carlee Elders investigates the Larimer Campus’ goal of getting students access to the CSU recreation center and other campus facilities

Written by Carlee Elders

Beyond the Skull: Understanding the Tradition of Día de los Meurtos

Morgan Treat dives into the tradition of Día de los Muertos and shares ways for FRCC students to engage with the upcoming holiday. 

Written by Morgan Treat

Happy Nightmare Before Christmas

Ryley Teasley discusses cold temperatures on Halloween and gives recommendations for activities to do! 

Written by Ryley Teasley

Manhunt: When snuff hits the cul-de-sac

Will Brown explores the controversy around Rockstar Games’ Manhunt ahead of its 20th-anniversary re-release. 

Written by Will Brown

Photo by Hayden Bruner.

Academic Support Centers

Cori Antinora shares information on FRCC’s Academic Support Centers, including the services offered to students across all three campuses. 

Written by Cori Antinora

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