Faculty and staff data migration underway

Written by Lori Robinson Photo by Jonathan Montgomery There’s a great migration underway, and students may not even be aware of it. Data migration, that is.  Students who have seen flyers from Front Range Information Technology Services regarding the migration of faculty and staff data to a universal domain for all colleges in the Colorado... Continue Reading →

Student Leadership Conference

Written by Samantha Wolfe Photos by Lindsey Brand The Student Leadership Conference, created in collaboration by TRIO, Student Life, and Student Affairs, took place on October 4 at FRCC Westminster. Attendees experienced several speakers and panels that focused on succeeding in spite of hard times, growing up, and becoming a leader.

5280 Burger Bar Review

Written by Jennifer Cadena Illustration by Madison Otten 5280, a clever nod to the city’s topographic distance above sea-level, has received much deserved praise from local publications like the Westword, Drink Denver, and Fox31 Denver. First opened in the Denver Pavillions in 2014, business has been so good that, in 2017, a second location has graced the northern Westminster marketplace. 

Night on the Beat, Ride-a-long with WPD

Written by Lori Robinson Photo by Lindsey Brand Car picture courtesy of Douglas County Police Department If your momma tells you she loves you, check it out.  Back in 1990 when I began my journalism studies, that was the advice a mentor imparted to me. The advice holds up well, perhaps especially these days.  I’ve had some recent conversations about the concept of news organizations as government watchdogs, during and after the week that I had completed an Oct. 14 evening shift ride-along with Patrol Officer Mark P. Smith of the Westminster Police Department. 

First Place Writing Contest, In the Darkness

Written by Lori May Illustration by Madison Otten Sarah woke with her cheek pressed against the cold, damp floor. Sitting up with a start, she opened her eyes to peer into impenetrable darkness; not a single flicker or wisp of light disturbed the sanctity of the blackness around her.

Writing Contest Second Place Winner, Winter’s Howl

Written by Garrett Dawdy Illustration by Madison Otten You could hardly tell a gravel road was supposed to be there, the amount of snow turned the whole ground into a white blanket, only the absences of trees gave it away. It was cold, so very cold. The jacket and hat did nothing to stop the winding from howling icy daggers into you. Your car was a good bit away, abandoned when you couldn’t get it free, and with no heater your only option was to move, at least you hoped it was the only decision and not a mistake.

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