FRCC to Offer Geospatial Science Bachelor’s Degrees

Written by Ezra Ekman Illustration by Madison Otten Although FRCC has traditionally been focused on associate degrees and vocational certificates, FRCC will begin offering a bachelor’s degree in geospatial science this fall. Some low-level courses will be available in Westminster, but the majority of the classes for both associate and bachelor degrees in geospatial science must be taken at the Boulder FRCC campus.

There is No Internet Connection: WiFi Outage at FRCC

Written by Ezra Ekman Illustration by Madison Otten A decade or two ago, most students took notes in paper notebooks or completed digital assignments on school computers. Today, students without laptops are uncommon, and WiFi is a ubiquitous service that students require and, usually, can depend upon it working correctly.

Main Street Cafe Review

Written by Sulema Lopez Illustration by Madison Otten Living in a small town like Brighton doesn’t leave many options for decent non-chain restaurants. Finding a good restaurant with home style cooking usually requires venturing into the ‘big city.’ Main Street Café has filled that gap with delicious home style breakfast and lunch options. With Google Reviews of 4.5 out of 5 stars speaking for the quality of the restaurant, you can’t pass on the opportunity to stop in the next time you’re in Brighton.

The Gospel of Eureka: Movie Review

Written by Drew Lascot “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?” In many ways, this classic paradox is the crux of Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher’s barrier-obliterating documentary, The Gospel of Eureka; a showcase of an oddball abode of the Ozark-- Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Pho TJ Restaurant Review

Written by Ana Canas McPeek There are so many restaurants out there, but where to eat? If you’re a food lover like me and love to try different cuisine, you might consider this low-key Vietnamese restaurant, Pho TJ, located in Brighton on Bridge Street. Open for more than five years with 4.7 star average on Google reviews, this pho noodle restaurant is a place for workers around the area like me who want to get a quick lunch. You will be guaranteed an experience with good food and awesome service. We all have our reasons why we return to a restaurant, and I have 4 criteria that you won’t want to miss: atmosphere, wait time, service, and food quality.

Changing a Lifetime With the Fitness Center

Written by Drew Lascot and Joe Fisk Photos by Lindsay Brand At FRCC, a variety of resources are available to students: the Pantry offers food to all who apply, the Writing Center gives advice on papers ranging from essays to resumes, and the Game Room is available for recreation. The High Plains Fitness Center is a free gym available to all students. It only requires a Wolf Card from the Student Life Office (for a $5 fee) and filling out a registration form. Employee rates are $30 for the fall and spring semesters and $20 in the summer.

Captain Marvel Movie Review

Captain Marvel: Movie Review Written by Matt Cunningham Ever since Iron Man was released in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has shown film’s capability to bring enormous groups of people together. Regardless of the discussions surrounding ‘superhero fatigue,’ Marvel has shown time and time again that they can sell out mass amounts of theaters around the world.

Japon Restaurant Review

Written by Maggie Hoskins Illustration by Madison Otten If you love trying new sushi as much as I do, then you might enjoy Japon. I have tried over a handful of different sushi places since I moved here, and I have found myself returning to Japon over and over. The restaurant, which recently fell into new ownership, has been around for many years. They are a cozy and clean place, serving fresh, authentic Japanese cuisine, and always make me feel welcome and taken care of each time I visit. They have a convenient location at 4880 W. 120th Ave. in a little strip mall, making it very easy to get to with plenty of close parking. I will rate them based on their attentive service, fresh tasting food, and reasonable prices.

Sydney True, Women’s Weights

Written By Joe Fisk Photo By Lindsey Brand FRCC student, Sydney True, created the Women's on Weights class. She’s the only student instructing a fitness class and has been doing it for  three semesters now. The class is free to students and meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the fitness center.

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