Written by Danielle Hagerty   Prism is a new club at Front Range Community College Westminster, which is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for LGBTQ students among the campus. It has only been an official club for two weeks, but already has a great following with approximately 22 club members now. It is not... Continue Reading →

Dreamers Among Us

Written by Danielle Hagerty In the recent political climate, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has become one of the biggest topics up for debate. This is a very complex issue as of late and also a disagreeable one. There are many misconceptions, difficulties and levels of fear that come with those directly affected... Continue Reading →

Career Success Center

Written by Jeramey Reamer The college experience can have a profound impact on a student’s occupation.  However, the uphill climb to finding a meaningful career can prove difficult.  To help make this process run more smoothly, Front Range Community College Westminster campus offers many resources to give its students the confidence they need to place... Continue Reading →

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