Honoring the Legacy of Dori Benavides

Written by Jeramey Reamer The Front Range family is remembering one of its most prominent members who passed away earlier this month. Dori Benavides‘ role serving as the Director of Front Range Community College’s Brighton Center was marked by countless achievements. Among these many accomplishments was her ability to brighten the day of everyone she... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Toro y Moi’s BooBoo

Written by Anthony Arellano Recording artist Toro y Moi, best known for his hit singles “So Many Details,” “Blessa” and “Still Sound,” is back with a new record. The new 12 track album, titled Boo Boo, explores Toro y Moi’s feelings and thoughts after his divorce and his struggle with fame. The first three tracks,... Continue Reading →

Club for Student Musicians is in Perfect Tune

Written by Jeramey Reamer An acoustic crescendo echoed down the hallways as the Guitar and Performance Club began strumming. This group of musicians play their instruments and sing while networking with other enthusiasts. Front Range students Chris Gonzales, Madison Drake and Nick Chiovitti took center stage as the leaders of the organization. After a brief... Continue Reading →

Sweating Out the Fall Semester

  Photos by Jeramey Reamer   Written by Jeramey Reamer   Now that classes are in full swing, the increasing workload can leave many students feeling overwhelmed. Papers due by midnight, group projects with absent members, and piles of information dumped on you often leads to feeling flustered. However, Front Range Community College offers one... Continue Reading →

Ingrid Goes West Review

Written by Anthony Arellano Aubrey Plaza’s groundbreaking performance, the humor, the mystery, and the thrill are all of the puzzle pieces that would make Ingrid Goes West a modern day classic film. Ingrid Goes West roasts Los Angeles perfectly. As well as any other young person using social media. These gags include 1,000 pictures taken... Continue Reading →

New FRCC Dean

Written by Anthony Arellano In a conversation with the new Front Range Community College Dean of Instruction, Francois Jacobs, he discussed the upcoming campus improvements, advice for new students and his excitement for the upcoming 2017-2018 fall semester. Jacobs’ major focus for the upcoming semester includes hiring additional student advisors and developing the Business, Information... Continue Reading →

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