The Wing Cave & Grill Review

  Written by Legend Jones Illustration by Madison Otten This spring my friends and I made plans to go see the new Avengers movie. Obviously, we had to plan everything a whole month in advance because of the hype. We nearly had it all together: the number of people going, how much each ticket was,... Continue Reading →

Tamara White Feature

By Hayley Hunt Tamara White was born in Denver, CO, but bounded around Arizona and Illinois for 10 years before coming back home. White accepted the position of assistant vice principal of student support and enrollment in May 2019. 

STEM Internships

By Hayley Hunt Front Range Community College is participating in multiple science, technology, engineering, and math, known as STEM, internships this year. Max Miller, a faculty member at FRCC Westminster says that they are “trying to get students connected with internships in different STEM fields,” and to give them an opportunity to get experience in their future field. There are multiple internships in earth and environmental science, biology, energy, computer science, math, and engineering. Many of the internships have an application date that starts in November and goes through January 2020.  

Lighthouse Review

Written by Samantha Wolfe “Keeping secrets, are ye?” Since its premiere at Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, The Lighthouse has been generating conversation across film fans and critics alike. Coming four years after director Robert Eggers’ feature length debut, The Witch, his sophomore feature engulfs viewers in a time long forgotten, using excellent cinematography, a smart script and a minimal but excellent cast to transport audiences along to the lighthouse with them.

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