Sugarfire’s Stalemate, Restaurant Review

 Written by Griffin Seeley  Illustration by Madison Otten Sugarfire Smokehouse, originated in St. Louis, Mo., has multiple locations in the Midwest, including one Colorado location in Westminster. I ended up choosing this restaurant to review because of its close proximity and how well it seemed to be recommended on Google, Yelp, and by friends. I went into this restaurant with four criteria in mind: the customer service, atmosphere/cleanliness, entree, and dessert. 

FRCC Hires New Dean of Student Affairs

Written by Ezra Ekman After Aaron Prestwich’s September departure, FRCC sought a new dean of student affairs.  Student organizations were invited to join a forum of faculty and staff to interview three candidates for the role on November 7, 2019.  The forum was livestreamed so that students, faculty, and staff who couldn’t attend the forum could watch remotely.

Good-Bye FRCC, a Farewell from Writer Hayley Hunt

Three years after getting accepted to Front Range, changing my major three times, and getting a job at the Front Page, I am finally graduating with my Associates in Anthropology.  Front Range has granted me the opportunity to work more towards my education, as well as meet people who will become lifelong friends. As I move on to further my education at CU Denver, I will always be able to look back on the lessons Front Range has taught me.

The Wing Cave & Grill Review

  Written by Legend Jones Illustration by Madison Otten This spring my friends and I made plans to go see the new Avengers movie. Obviously, we had to plan everything a whole month in advance because of the hype. We nearly had it all together: the number of people going, how much each ticket was,... Continue Reading →

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