Employee and Faculty Awards Ceremony

Written by Matt Cunningham Photos by Lindsey Brand The employee and faculty awards ceremony was an event to honor excellence in the various fields of work that are present at FRCC. From Employee Excellence Awards to Master Teacher Awards, the event featured a wide variety of faculty and staff receiving award nominations or victories.

Feeding Hungry Students: The Kitchen Table at FRCC

Written by Matt Cunningham Do you have a consistently reliable knowledge of where your next meal is coming from? Some FRCC students do not have certainty when it comes to their next meal. According to Sociology Club advisor Kristina Kahl, “I could go into any class and easily say that half the students are food insecure.”

Weatherman, Broadcast Journalist, and Teacher; Richard Ortner Feature

Written by Matt Cunningham From being a weatherman on Denver7 news on ABC to being a public speaking instructor at FRCC, Richard Ortner has had numerous jobs and life experience that he enjoys to bring to each class that he teaches. Ortner is a Colorado native and has been teaching public speaking for about ten years. He has a master’s degree in both journalism and broadcast meteorology.

The Human Library

Written by Joe Fisk On March 20, the Human Library held in the FRCC Rocky Mountain Room, is a program that offered conversation with ‘human  books’; people from various backgrounds and experiences. This was FRCC’s second year doing the Human Library and was open to Westminster residents and FRCC students.

Do it Yourself Punk Show and Art Exhibition

Written by Joe Fisk On March 7, FRCC Westminster philosophy club, The Doors Of Perception, and the Creative Writing Club collaborated to organize a punk show in the recital hall to embrace individual expression. The show featured a collection of original visual art by FRCC student Evan Colbert, as well as musical performances by three groups: FRCC student bands  Em Rad and The Spectators, The Broken Escalators, and local Denver band Soulless Maneater. 

Kiko’s Authentic Mexican Food

Written by Omar Zapata Illustration by Madison Otten Nestled in the heart of Brighton, Kiko’s Authentic Mexican Food provides a great and affordable dining experience for those seeking authentic Mexican cuisine and a family-friendly environment. Since its opening on July 7, 2012, the family-owned restaurant has tried to maintain its mission of delighting the local community with good customer service and food.

Super Smash Brothers Tournament

Written by Joe Fisk On March 6, a Super Mario Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament was held in the FRCC Game Room. Over 25 students, faculty, and staff were huddled around the television to watch the 12 player single-elimination tournament. As the tournament progressed, passerby's stopped to observe from the hallway, while the crowd in the Game Room shrunk with each elimination.

Hereditary Movie Review

Written by Joe Fisk Some films are made for mass audiences to view once. Other films are tailored to a more specific cult following of audiences to be viewed and cherished again and again. Hereditary is one of these films.

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