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Letter to the Editor: A Response

Written By DJ Lincks


Two weeks ago, our campus received a letter from a member of the community addressed to the Front Page. Within the letter are harsh and aggressive generalizations targeting the entirety of the Republican Party.

My initial response was to disregard any validity or authority that the author may possess, due to the unsupported generalizations and accusations of a political party in which, according to the Washington Post, 26% of all Americans identify as. However, as a result of further deliberation and thought, I came to several realizations.

The gentleman who wrote the letter claims that all Republicans take firm stances against increasing minimum wage, the working class, the middle class, women, social security, and seniors. There is an inevitable trace of hypocrisy on account of making broad generalizations and accusations.

The gentleman makes numerous claims about Republicans being against certain aspects of policies but never once mentions an official policy itself. Issues such as health care, social security, climate change and gun control are extremely complex and multifaceted, hence why there are always going to be multiple viewpoints to deliberate. On issues, such as these, it is impossible to categorize the whole party on such solidified stances, and there are numerous citizens who take other political stances that may share the same beliefs as that of the Republican Party.

Additionally, the gentleman also claims the Republican Party takes firm stances against entire groups of people, ethnicities and religions, of that including: senior citizens, African Americans, Hispanics and Muslims, which only further establishes the opinion and only the opinion of the gentleman. The claims are not supported by factual evidence.

Other claims in the letter are that the Republican Party supports minimal gun control, “torture,” nuclear weapons, big oil, cigarette manufacturers, “all corporations,” Russia, non-taxed foreign bank accounts and the building of a border wall. Again, this perpetuates and encourages the cycle of generalizing, which as a direct result, further divides party lines.

Whether there is any truth or not to these broad generalizations is, in my opinion, beside the point. A black and white attitude places definitive, almost tangible, lines between parties. There is no question that the we, as citizens of the United States, are living in an extremely divided time; however, this type of behavior only emphasizes that division further.

While some distinctions are necessary in defining a belief system, we often forget that we are all a part of the same species, enduring and sharing many of the same tribulations on a daily basis. It is my opinion that we embrace and accept each other’s opinions as respectfully as we would wish our own to be. The harsh accusations used in the letter only normalizes a hateful and unfair rhetoric. If we, as humans, are able to come together and encourage the difference of opinion respectfully, progression and tolerance become imminent possibilities.

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