Reporter’s Notebook: One Busy Student’s Time Management Tips

Poet Charles Bukowski said, “Find something you love, and let it kill you.” Bukowski was no stranger to working hard for what he loved, and in the end, it may have indeed killed him.

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FRCC Instructor Encourages Students to be Urban Farmers

Caleb Richter-Tate, an adjunct instructor of geography at FRCC-Westminster, is passionate about sustainable urban agriculture.

Caleb grew up in a farming community in Nebraska and has been involved in agriculture, urban farming and sustainability for most of his life.

Richter-Tate says urban agriculture is empowering. “(Imagine) if everyone in the city could grow even one-tenth of their own food. Think about how much food wouldn’t be factory farmed,” he said. Continue reading “FRCC Instructor Encourages Students to be Urban Farmers”

Join the Westminster Campus Writing Club

“We specialize in all types of stories.”

Every Friday, members of Front Range Community College’s Westminster campus writing club gather to share their work, critique their peers, and ultimately improve their writing abilities. Ryan Myong, the club’s new president, encourages all students to join the writing club to better their writing skills as the club has bettered his.

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Engineering Student Wins Hoops Contest

Sawyer Huffman, a Front Range Community College engineering student, sailed to victory over his competitors in the three-point shot contest at the High Plains Fitness Center on Jan. 26.

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Meet the Editor: Kayla Klein

The former editor of The Front Page, Koa Avery, transferred to the University of Colorado Boulder this semester. Ergo, it’s a hectic time for The Front Page with an office move and the transition from printed editions to a fully-functional online-only student newspaper. The new website for The Front Page will be publishing content on a daily basis (Monday-Friday) this semester. In the midst of it all, the paper has a new managing editor: Front Range Community College student Kayla Klein, age 17. Continue reading “Meet the Editor: Kayla Klein”

Homeless to Front Range Community College Student

Struggle for some students at Front Range Community College may not be visible but assistance is available for those needing help.

Cori Smith, 29, a student of Front Range Community College started his 2015 fall semester coming off a rough summer break where housing, car, and financial issues might have derailed his priority of school. Continue reading “Homeless to Front Range Community College Student”