Meet the Editor: Kayla Klein

The former editor of The Front Page, Koa Avery, transferred to the University of Colorado Boulder this semester. Ergo, it’s a hectic time for The Front Page with an office move and the transition from printed editions to a fully-functional online-only student newspaper. The new website for The Front Page will be publishing content on a daily basis (Monday-Friday) this semester. In the midst of it all, the paper has a new managing editor: Front Range Community College student Kayla Klein, age 17. Continue reading “Meet the Editor: Kayla Klein”

How Secure is Front Range Community College?

In light of a recent shooting at a community college in Oregon – and bomb threats made to Front Range Community College’s Boulder-County and Larimer campuses — safety concerns are high on the minds of many on campus. Continue reading “How Secure is Front Range Community College?”

New Campus Food Pantry to Help Student Hunger

When you hear the slogan: “Eat well, do well,” most of us expect an ad for some new, hardcore diet. Or, maybe a quote on a poster you see at your local gym or yoga studio.

But this slogan belongs to Front Range Community College faculty member Jessica Jurgella, who has partnered up with Food Bank of The Rockies to create a local, campus organization called “The Pantry” to help students and faculty staff with nutritional needs. Continue reading “New Campus Food Pantry to Help Student Hunger”

Homeless to Front Range Community College Student

Struggle for some students at Front Range Community College may not be visible but assistance is available for those needing help.

Cori Smith, 29, a student of Front Range Community College started his 2015 fall semester coming off a rough summer break where housing, car, and financial issues might have derailed his priority of school. Continue reading “Homeless to Front Range Community College Student”

Front Range’s Buried Treasure

new-student-orientationBuried in the right corner of the testing center lies the career success center. Despite its effectiveness, few students know of the career success center’s existence- maybe because of the obscure location, or maybe because students overlook the importance of early career planning. Heading the charge to encourage career development are coordinator Teresa Stuart and counselor Colleen Toomey, who hope to shed light on the center’s richness. Continue reading “Front Range’s Buried Treasure”

Front Range Community College’s Ongoing Construction


The Front Page recently had the opportunity to talk with Front Range Community College’s Vice President, Therese Brown, about the construction that students and faculty have had to navigate through in the past few years. The construction is nearing completion, so here is a recap of what has been accomplished and what is still yet to be finished. Continue reading “Front Range Community College’s Ongoing Construction”

Dress for Success

alumni-giving-backSuperficial as it may be, appearance matters. People form first impressions in a matter of seconds, based on how one look and how one presents oneself. Clothing impacts success, as it defines a person and influences one’s thinking process. Continue reading “Dress for Success”