Collectors of Cobwebs

Enjoy our first place winning story for our annual Halloween short story contest!

Written by Megan Cruz

Our elderly neighbors, Bill and Kay, jam-packed their property with junk. Dad called them collectors.

Collectors of cobwebs, maybe.

Halloween nights, they passed out expired cans of Pepsi instead of candy. So, most trick-or-treaters skipped the hoard.

Dad requested that I still drop by.

“They look forward to your visit.”

Ding Dong

Inside, Kay approached the rusty security door in a stained nightgown.


The door creaked open.

Slumped behind her, enveloped in dust and gnats, Bill rested in an antique recliner. A maggot tumbled from his ear.

She smiled. “How precious you look!”

They never got rid of anything.

A Scientist in Limbo

Enjoy the second place winning story for our annual short story Halloween contest.

Written by Anna Lee

The chatter stirred the cortex of my memories, the existence of the conversation seemed far too bizarre, and I began to wonder if a lobotomy was a rational solution to this unmethodical problem.

Bizarre did not even touch the surface—every tone, every hair, every wrinkle in my forehead stared back at me.

Perhaps this experiment is wrong. Perhaps altering reality is immoral—even despicable. Perhaps I have a phobia of myself. Perhaps insanity has consumed me.

“As I was saying doc, I highly doubt that I’m your doppelganger. No, I think you’ve opened a portal between our dimensions.”