The Front Page

Writing Contest Second Place Winner, Winter’s Howl

Written by Garrett Dawdy

Illustration by Madison Otten

You could hardly tell a gravel road was supposed to be there, the amount of snow turned the whole ground into a white blanket, only the absences of trees gave it away. It was cold, so very cold. The jacket and hat did nothing to stop the winding from howling icy daggers into you. Your car was a good bit away, abandoned when you couldn’t get it free, and with no heater your only option was to move, at least you hoped it was the only decision and not a mistake.

The Student Counseling Center

Written by Hayley Hunt

Photo by Lindsey Brand

Have you ever felt down more than usual, or that you needed to talk to someone about what you are going through? The FRCC Westminster Student Counseling Center is a place where students of any campus can go to for problems with mental health and therapy services. 

SGA’s Recent Election Seats

Written by Lori Robinson

Illustration by Madison Otten

Four new representatives win seats in special SGA election

New Student Government Association Representative Tin Dinh wants to “make the experiences here at FRCC more enjoyable.” Dinh is one of four new representatives who won SGA seats in September’s special election.

A “Fishy” Review, El Pelicano Restaurant Review

Written by Katherine Garcia

Illustration by Madison Otten

When you live on the mainland, it is hard to find a fantastic seafood restaurant. El Pelicano (or, in English, “The Pelican”) is a Mexican restaurant in the city of Aurora, and most of their dishes consist of fish and other varieties of seafood. This restaurant does quench that fishy need, but they also do have beef and chicken entrees on their menu.

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

Written by Joe Fisk

Photos by Lindsey Brand

Front Range Community College has multiple groups dedicated to equity, inclusion, and diversity. Five faculty from FRCC Westminster have attended presentations by the Center for Urban Education (CUE). Additionally, at an administrative level, FRCC has an equity, inclusion, and diversity council. 

Dae Gee Restaurant Review

Written Forrest Martin

Illustrated by Madison Otten

     I went to this Korean BBQ joint called Dae Gee that was featured on (Food Network) Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, as it was close to where we live in Westminster. (The difference between Korean BBQ versus American BBQ is that Korean has such thinly cut meat that has a quick grilling time where traditional BBQ is a slow cooking time.) This franchise has developed from one location to four since starring on ‘Triple D.’ When we went there our expectations were high, since Guy Fieri really raised the bar.