Welcome to the Fall Semester from the Front Page

Written by DJ Lincks

We’re just closing in on the sixth week of the fall semester here at FRCC’s Westminster campus and students are beginning to build a routine that will get them through the next two and a half months. Each semester comes with new ideas and stories that can be brought to life by our staff at The Front Page. We are dedicated to reporting factual, intriguing, and relevant news to Westminster’s campus, while also giving a voice to student and faculty members around campus.

It is our hope, here at The Front Page, that we can revitalize and create more interest in journalism at a time when it is needed most. Our writers engage in an array of topics, of those being: Campus News, Wolf Life, Arts & Entertainment, Interests, and Opinions & Editorials, and are primarily focused on relating the subject back to our campus. The paper prides itself on diversity, in terms of stories covered, interviews conducted, and viewpoints represented.

As of January 2016, the paper switched from print to online in an effort to modernize and make stories more accessible for the reader. The Front Page will be posting new articles weekly to ensure our readers are up to date with campus news, events, and wolf life. Have a great rest of your fall semester!



Photo by Ezra Ekman. Left to right: Mindy Kinnaman, Jeramey Reamer, DJ Lincks, Ezra Ekamn, Anthony Arellano, Brittany Stevenson, Jonathon Montgomery

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