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Written by Anthony Arellano

As the students at Front Range Community College walk through the halls, they may wonder if they have chosen the right major for themselves. The funny thing is, often the professors are working in their dream career. This can be said for FRCC art professor, Heidi Strang.

A question any student would want to ask someone employed in their ideal profession is, “What is your favorite and least favorite parts about the profession?”

For Strang, she said she enjoys the fact that she gets to work with people interested in a subject she loves.

“My favorite aspect of being an art professor is the fact that I get to be around students,” said Strang. “I learn from them everyday and it’s great to be around people who are eager to learn.”

Strang loves being involved in the arts in anyway.

“I was warned that being an artist, or being in the art world was impossible, and I wouldn’t be able to make a living,” said Strang.

When asked about her least favorite parts of the profession, her answer was simple.

“Honestly… none,” said Strang “I had amazing high school teachers and college professors who loved art and helped me notice my love for art. I’ve always loved school, I’ve always loved the feeling of being on a big college campus.”

For students who want to pursue the same profession, Strang shared her advice: “Stick with it. You’ll need a Ph.D. to do what I do. It’s a big school commitment but it pays off.”

One aspect of Strang’s advice important to all students, regardless of major, is to do what you love.

Student advisor, Heather Bromberg, provided a statement for students looking to discover their passion: “Finding your career passion is a journey that may take you someplace unexpected.”

FRCC dean, Francois Jacobs also touched on the subject of students finding their passion. “We all have a little voice inside of us that knows exactly what our dreams are. Listen to that voice and don’t let fear overcome you. Work on improving yourself and you will find your passion.”

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