Master of None: Season Two

Written by Anthony Arellano

The highly anticipated second season of Master Of None is finally here. Created by Parks and Recreation alums Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, the first season debuted on Netflix in 2015 and found immediate popularity.

Master Of None follows Dev Shah (played by Ansari),  an aspiring actor in New York City and his journey through modern romance. Dev takes a critical look at how young adults behave in the social media era.

In the first season, the storyline placed the characters in situations where viewers had the chance to see and relate with how people behave due to social media and the internet. Those topics included “ghost text messengers,” needing to read multiple reviews to make sure you’re getting the best tacos in town and many more relatable situations.

A strength for the series is beautiful cinematography. Viewers are shown amazing shots of the small Italian town where Dev is staying in season two. This is only a taste of the great shots in Master Of None. Look out for an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline in the ninth episode, “Amarsi Un Po.”

Music is another aspect of the series that cannot be ignored. Music Supervisor Zach Cowie does a fantastic job at enhancing feelings throughout the storyline. None of the music was recognizable to me, which was a huge plus.

The most valuable thing in today’s age is time. It’s such a ‘click thumbs up or thumbs down and then move on’ type world we’re living in now. That being said, I spent extra time with the show looking up the music credits, listening to each song and even saving some to my personal music library. I can’t remember the last time a show took up so much of my time in a good way.

Master of None thrives on its supporting characters. Dev’s best friend, Arnold (played by Eric Wareheim), provides a light touch to the show. Arnold is a great sidekick for Dev; he offers advice and wardrobe choices like any good friend would.

Francesca (played by Alessandra Mastronardi) is the female lead of the cast, and she shines on screen. She provides viewers with unpredictability and overall joy. One of the most pleasant moments in this series is watching Italian-native Francesca marvel over simple things in the United States.

There are many other minor characters in the series who add to the overall experience. On the opposite end, there are also characters who slightly take away from the show.

Ansari cast his real parents in the show, which is noble, but they aren’t trained actors. When they are on screen, it can be obvious they are reading lines. That being said, they do offer a lot of the humor in the series.

Overall, Master of None provides an emotional roller coaster ride between Dev and Francesca’s romantic tension, that looks and sounds gorgeous. It is an admirable and ambitious take on modern romance. The series is easily a top contender for show of the year.

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