The Pantry

Written by Gabriella Jade

Need food for the week, but rent is coming up soon? Struggling with what option to choose? There is a way to have both.

The Pantry is a food pantry available to all Front Range Community College Westminster students.

The Pantry, which opened in February 2016, is managed by Jessica Jurgella, student involvement coordinator. This free campus resource is made possible due to a partnership between Student Life, the FRCC Foundation and Food Bank of the Rockies.

“It’s a good source for students to come and get food and give them a helping hand,” said James Davis, FRCC student and Student Life employee, “It helps ease life’s burdens.”

The only requirement to use The Pantry is to participate in a 10 to 15-minute orientation and sign an agreement form.

“The goal is to keep it running for as long as it is needed,” said Jurgella. “It helps with providing food for students in need and to raise awareness on food insecurity.”

Looking to the future, The Pantry may be included in the Wisconsin HOPE Lab’s 2017 Food & Housing Survey, that looks at community college homelessness and hunger. Additionally, Jurgella is looking to partner with Starbucks to accept donations of food and drink items left over at the end of each day.

For those who would like to support The Pantry, Student Life accepts donations of perishable and nonperishable items before their expiration date. While all food donations are accepted, there is a high demand for items such as pasta, pasta sauce, cereal and peanut butter, as students tend to take them more than others. Donations can be dropped off in the Student Life Office.

If one is unable to donate food, one can also donate time. For every three hours volunteered at Food Bank of the Rockies, 10700 E. 45th Ave. in Denver, FRCC receives 20 pounds of food. In order for The Pantry to receive the food, volunteers should sign up on behalf of FRCC or contact Jurgella, who can share a promotional code.

The Pantry is open from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday when classes are in session. It is located in the Student Life Office, C-0560.

For more information regarding The Pantry, including how to donate or use it as a resource, contact Jessica Jurgella at or visit the Student Life Office.

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